For my message evaluation assignment I looked at many ads all over YouTube and I am sorry to say, but this one I see on television all the time and makes me laugh for no apparent reason. Question is am I laughing because I can or is it really what the company that produced the commercial in the first place exact motive? I think the answer is that it is exactly what they wanted!!!! The M&M “I’m Sexy and I Know It” commercial really hit it off with their crazy intake on how a hot M&M should be. It really hit off the Superbowl last year, which I thought for the upcoming Superbowl this year it would only be appropriate for me to evaluate. Throughout my evaluation from the start I knew it was a success. Someone can not tell me that putting at the time a very popular hit ,well still pretty popular hit, song and a mouthwatering M&M dancing not a hit or taking a second glance at the television. Especially may I add when the main M&M rips his fiery hot red shell off and starts shaking his junk. Now of course we all know what the product is being sold, M&Ms of course. Who doesn’t like chocolate, I mean maybe if your allergic. I have to say that this commercial is aimed towards all viewers that watch television. With saying that the commercial from a stand point can maybe be a little inappropriate for some viewers, like parents where as having their child next to them watching may become an issue due to the fact there is a M&M that is alive stripping his clothes off for all to see. Children could get the idea that well those fun colored M&Ms are doing it why can’t I? In this scenario the commercial can be a little risky, with stating that though I still think that the ad was striking as oppose to really boring or having no clue as to what that commercial was. It was that ad on television that made an impression where an individual can actually remember it, well it did for me at least.Now putting this into a concept from class using the pentag from Burke and his five components, how they are made up into a ratio, I must say using any two for a ratio in this case would be a stable one. For the act stating what happened is that the M&M was being made fun of because she was naked, but really she was not, she was merely your average M&M color. The not so sexy color I might add which is brown. The M&M states “only a fool would think that she was naked” and then you see the hot red guy M&M saying “it’s that kind of party” and strips his shell dancing in the nude.The scene is your average party, cocktails, elegant music in the air, classy as some would say. The context would be that even though some may say M&Ms could be dull, that fact is that is an understatement, their sexy and they know it! Implying to people that M&Ms not only are delicious their oh so sexy to eat as well. Agent is the person who is doing it and well what do you know it is the M&Ms themselves being portrayed, not having someone telling you how lovable their product is. It is the product themselves advertising who they are which is why I also think that this ad is successful. What techniques do they drive in this commercial one might say? It is the fact the company used a popular hit song to reel in the audience and the dance that goes along with the song as well. It only furthers the audience into the buy, meaning M&Ms are cool enough to shake and move to the dance so I should eat them because their cool like that. They tied in a popular hit to popularize their product simple as that. Why they did it? To increase their sales! They also did it in a time frame of the Superbowl because a lot of people watch the Superbowl for the commercials as crazy as that may sound, but yes they did it because they knew more than half of the viewers increase on that day. Attitude which was presented would be a fun, easy going commercial. People can laugh and associate easily what the product is and buy the candy because it danced to a hit song for crying out loud! Next time your in the isle figuring out what candy should I get. People will most likely remember that catchy tune in their heads, along with the the stripping M&M guy, and be like what the heck hand over the M&Ms! All in all the commercial was well made, successful, and of course SEXY!!!!! Love it!

-Ashton Dorsey

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