The Little Piggy

On this my first message evaluation assignment I went to YouTube and looked at a lot of television commercials, to find one that I really liked a lot. I kept coming back to the Geico Insurance commercials. I remember the first time I saw this add, and I couldn’t stop laughing.  The questions I kept asking myself, is the ad funny or just stupid? Am I laughing because it’s funny, or am I laughing because it’s stupid? I believe the answer to the question is exactly what the producers wanted me to laugh at, it’s both funny and stupid!!! The Geico piggy commercial “weee” is not only stupid and funny, it’s hilarious! The little piggy made it big last year on just how happy a little piggy can be, and so will you if you change your insurance to Geico, and save fifteen percentage. The little piggy did a great job for the Super Bowl in 2011, and so for the approaching Super Bowl I figure like so many others have, this would a great time and applicable for me to evaluate. From the very begging and all way to the end of my evaluation I knew in my heart that it was going to be winner!!  Who in their right mind could say putting a little piggy in a sports van in the back seat with a little boy and a mom driving, and the little piggy yelling “weee” from the back seat with little wind flyers in his hands. It would make anyone stop and think what the hell, or at least stop, and look again. Particularly when the little boy looks at the little piggy and the cameras focus in on the fact that the little boy and the little piggy both have their seat belts on. If you did not see the opening of the commercial when the reporter was saying “Could switching to Geico  really save you 15% or more, did the little piggy cry “weee” all the way home? Would you know this was a Geico commercial? The answer to the question is yes, unless you have lived under a rock for the past five years!! “Sort of speaking” When we see the little piggy we associate the little piggy with Geico. In my opinion there is no doubt that this commercial is targeting a vast amount of the viewers in the middle age group who by law must have car insurance. Along with that it is my opinion that the “Geico little piggy “weee” commercial” is also steering this ad toward the younger viewers who have had some problems obtaining car insurance, for whatever reason. With all that said, there is no doubt that this commercial could influence little kids to encourage their parents to buy Geico insurance, because they like the little piggy. With all that said in this situation the ad could be a little dicey, because the “wee” part can become annoying at times. However I do believe the ad was outstanding as oppose of being really dreary or having the viewer havening no indication to what this commercial was about. Of course to me this ad made a huge dint in my memory and I could see where someone that needs insurance, or would want to change insurance would actually remember this ad, and as I talk to some of my friends it seemed to do the same for them. At this moment when looking at and putting this commercial into a concept from our class and using the pentg from K Burke and his five components, how they are made up in to a ratio, in my opinion one could use any one or two of the five for a ratio, which I believe would certainly

Now putting this into a concept from class using the pentag from Burke and his five components, how they are made up into a ratio, I must say using any one or two for a ratio in this case would be a constant one. Now when it comes to the act which would be asserting what happened in this Geico ad is the little piggy, whose name is “Lexa”, or should I say “Maxwell” is very happy because he’s being taken home by Mrs. “A”, but it appears Mrs. “A” is not all that happy, and it appears neither is the little boy who is seating in the back seat with the little piggy. Now the reason neither Mrs. “A” and the little boy is unhappy, is because the little piggy keeps yelling “weee”, really loud, out of the window, along with his little wind flyers in his hands which was embarrassing them in neighborhood. The scene is where all three actors and yes little piggy is definitely and actor as far as I can see, are riding in a van threw your middle class neighborhood. This would be implying that yes you too can save 15% on your insurance, not just the rich. Agent is the one yelling out the window and yes you guess it, it’s the little piggy that is extremely happy! Now this is telling us that even you can save and be happy with the product. One could ask them self’s what techniques ensure they drive home in this commercial?  It is clear and a fact that Geico which is the company used there highly affected star which is the little piggy to bring in the viewers and the little piggy yelling “weee” and the other actors, the little  boy and Mrs. “A” rolling of their eyes at the little piggy. This really promotes the viewers into purchasing, in other words, yes you too can be happy like the little piggy if you buy Geico insurance. Geico secured current star the little piggy to promote their artifact. Why they did it?  To escalate their bottom line and this would be to increases their sales! More profits!! Of course they put it on during the Super Bowl because they knew a big percentage of those who would be watching TV that, would be watching the Supper Bowel to see the entire new commercial, no matter how stupid or crazy they might be. Attitude which was offered would be stupid, hilarious, and very, very funny along with being a stress-free tranquil commercial. Individuals can joke, and laugh and tie together simply what the artifact is and purchase the insurance and just maybe become happy, just like the little piggy. The next time you pay your car insurance and see how high your bill is, you just might call Geico because one did remember that little piggy and how happy he was, “weee” all the way home! This was a well-made commercial, very fruitful, funny and may I say…… just down right……. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Donald E. Archey

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