Faarmer’s Only

Farmers Only Dating Site

My commercial is for Farmers Only dating site. They are trying to convince farmers that they are not going to be alone, there are others out there like them and that they can find love just like the “city folk”. Their slogan is “Because city folk just don’t understand”.
This commercial usually plays, or I have only seen it on the channel CMT. It starts off with a horse and a dog talking about their owners being lonely and walking up and down the cornfields without love. The message that the cows are saying towards the middle of the commercial is that if the farmers only spend time with their crops, the cattle and other farm animals that they will never be with or find the love of their life and will be alone forever. That part seems a little harsh to me. There two people talking, as voice-overs, about how they were lonely until they met on Farmers Only. The commercial says that this site is geared for farmers, ranchers, and country folk. There is a song at the end that says, “You don’t have to be lonely, at farmers only dot com”.
This add is trying to sell us into using their dating site over the many other dating sites that are out there. Some of them include okcupid, Match, Christian Mingle, and Meetme. Christian Mingle is a specific type of dating site geared to a specific type of person also. What makes Farmers Only different is that it specifies to a certain type of person other than anyone and everyone like the others listed do except for Christian Mingle. Which makes the audience that this add is specified to, farmers.
I personally do not find this add striking at all. I feel that the quality of the making is very poor. It does not look as though the film quality is very well and the voices that talk for the animals, or the dramatization, do not seem very excited to sell us the product. I think also that the colors are not catchy which personally is something that I look for. I would not go to the extreme of saying that this add as a whole is boring. I just find it hard to relate to, and unappealing. But if I was a farmer, I think that this site would defiantly come in handy. It would be easier to relate to people knowing that you can go to a certain site and share some of the same interests like crops, money, harvest times, and livestock. You could swap information about harvest times and what type of brands you prefer over other brands. This add was in no way challenging to me at all. It lacked almost any appeal that would be challenging for me.
Between all the five components of persuasion, I think the ones most relevant in the Farmers Only commercial are Act and Agent. With act, it is the whole idea of the dating world being narrowed down to a certain category of people. And then the agent is the farmers and country folk who are interested in this site and see this add and go on the web site and make a Farmers Only account and maybe potentially meet a future love on the site.
I’m thinking that this add could be some much better, if it had a few concepts added to it. I’m not sure if there was a lack of funds or what happened, but in my opinion, this add was put together very poorly. If I were the one designing this, I would get rid of the talking animals for starters. I understand that this was put in for comic relief probably, but I believe that it almost mocks the whole idea of a farmers dating site. I’m sure farmers do more than what we believe they actually do. I would keep the slogan and the little jingle at the end, because in good advertising, there always is a catchy jingle or a clever catch phrase. I think that I would add a few scenes of farmers doing everyday tasks and then maybe have some real people who are living proof that they met on this certain dating site and have them give their story and then close with the silly little jingle that was from the old commercial. I think I would take more of a professional stance on the whole issue and not more of a funny stance. When I first saw this, I thought it was a joke, not like a real dating site. But I feel if they changed it up and looked at it as a whole more, the creators would do the same, because the idea of a “farmers only” dating site still to me seems a little funny.

-Kacy Schinnerer

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