Message evaluation 1

For my first message evaluation, I chose to evaluate an ad for Old Spice body wash. The commercial comes off as comical while applying to both men and women; it starts off with a buff man with a towel wrapped around his waist while he is in a bathroom. It then jumps to him in the second half of the commercial to him on a ship in a tropical sea. In the commercial the man is talking to women who are in a relationship; he says “Hello Ladies, look at your my man now look at me, look at your man, now look at me again.” In the ad the man talks to women about wanting there man to smell like him and he will smell like him and not a lady. In the ad the man tells viewers that they will not look like him but they will smell like him, which is a good start. The ad then shoots to a scene on a boat in the tropical sea where he is telling the audience that, “You are on a boat with a man your man could smell like.” He then pulls out box with tickets saying he got them for the ‘thing’ you (woman audience) would always like to go to followed by diamonds in his hands and him sitting on the horse.

In this ad we see that one man in two locations is trying to get us interested in this product by Old Spice. They are only advertising the body wash which if you are not paying attention looks like any shower hygiene product. There tactic in selling this ad was to draw in female viewers and also male viewers so the ad appealed to both sexes. The man is physically appealing showing this life of desire by just switching to Old Spice but it does not end there the ad has a comical feel to it by how fast and spontaneous everything happens. In the ad it is said that, ‘your man may not look like him but he will smell like him’. I think Burke’s Pentad is the most efficient way to better understand the persuasive techniques used in this ad. The act is saying that Old Spice has this body wash product that will make you smell like a man. The agent of this ad is men and women. I say this because obviously it is a men’s body product but he appeals to women the whole time and has a direct conversation to them. It does a good job in using the actor’s sexualized image and correlating that to, ‘this is what I smell like I am a very attractive male, do you not want your man to smell like this?’ If a guy’s significant other saw this commercial she could go out and buy this product for him. The scene in this ad is in a bathroom where the product would be used and it moves to a boat in the middle of the tropical sea. The agency of this is men and wanting them to be more manly and for women to have a very manly man by their side. If you want to smell like a man use this product. The purpose of this ad is to get someone in the relationship to go, ‘I want to smell like that or I want HIM to smell like that.’

I believe this ad is very effective in the sense that they use a product designed for men by appealing to men’s significant others in hopes that if men do not feel compelled to get this product maybe there significant other would want them to have this product. I think that Old Spice should have included more products in this video to show they have more products (which they advertise in other commercials) which I think would benefit them because this ad is brilliant when you break it down. The ad itself was brilliant in the sense of it used sex to sell but to not the audience in which this product is intended, but it appeals to men in a very fun comedic way with the man going on to a boat and the puns about women who want a perfect man by getting her tickets to that ‘thing’ she always wanted to go to; by saying that they did a great job in using that same exact line but appealing to women who have wanted to go to that ‘thing’. This ad appealed to 18-44 year old’s but I do not think it was just males, it appealed to females as well. Old Spice does a great job in using universal lines where men get there idea from it and women get there’s from the same line. Old spice did a great job in this ad by appealing to the whole relationship spectrum inside of just one side to it.

-Sawyer Zirbel

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