“Ok, Really?!”


Those who have cars understand that it is hard finding descent car insurance. Let alone trying to pay your bills when are in a rush or unable to make it to a payment from let’s say an airplane. GEICO has made a commercial that gives the scenario. GIECO has a new app that helps you pay your bill, view coverage and discounts, contact ERS, and update claims appointments on your mobile device.(GEICO,2013)

Personally, I do not own a car, or insurance  or a phone that will hold apps, but this commercial is more for the General public who owns cars and way better phones than I do. When I first saw the commercial, I believed it to be slightly funny, until I seen how they use modern day Racial slurs reactions into the commercial.  In class we learned about Burkes Dramatization Pentad. The Pentad is broken down into five sections Act, Agent, Agency, Scene and Purpose. In persuasion, once all these aspects are hit, it makes the commercial ad more persuading. Pentad that we learned in class can define the ad. Act: Maxwell the GEICO pig is on a plane ready for takeoff. Two flight attendees approach him and ask him to “Power down his little word game.” Maxwell then explains the New GIECO app. He explains what all the app can do with GEICO. All from your phone and no matter where you are. The attendees do not believe him by saying “Sounds a little good to be true.” After that second attendee states “ Ill believe that when Pigs fly.” In a disgusted shock, Maxwell the Pig  turns over to a African American passenger and said “ Ok did she just seriously just say that?!” The passenger wide eyed, looks at Maxwell and shakes his head. Scene:  Which was a plane , knowing that pigs cant fly unless they are on a plane. Which gave the commercial is comedic edge. Agent:  Maxwell was the main agent , (also famous for other GEICO commercials) Second were the Flight attendants, then the Black passenger. Agency: This ad appeals to the general public. Which if you own a car you should have insurance. And a plus would be that if you own a phone with apps, this could be for you.  But I believe that this ad took a comedic jab at our view on racism by stating that insulting slur to Maxwell the Pig and then having him look over to the passenger who happens to be black. Knowing that small stereotypic slurs are still made today.  And the connection of agreeing that stereotypically the flight attended insulted him. Purpose: The main focus of this ad was to show car owners that have GEICO can now access their accounts via phone from anywhere, even a plane.

I believe that this commercial is effective for those who do live very busy lives and cannot be there in two places at once. This app could take off the extra stress of calling about your GIECO account. Everything that you need is accessible in your hand via phone.  And the example of the Pig being on  plane is a great idea because once you are on a plane , you cannot deal with whatever you had to do before. The flight attendees job is to keep the planes rules in order and so if you have one more thing to do and you can do it from your phone, real fast, that is when your GIECO app can come in handy. So you can rest easy during whatever is you have to do in the meantime.

If there were something that I could change for this campaign, it would be make more commercials that deal with this scenario in other places. A mother rushing to the grocery store and while in line she deals with checking her balance on her GIECO app, a College student panting his way to an exam but he is confronted by his professor and at the same time makes a claim on his app, or a sales rep late for a meeting and while sitting down he hurry’s to pay his bill on his phone.  Let’s say how would this insult be taking around the world? What would be the reaction around the world? And could you still manage your GEICO account from any part of the world just by your phone? I believe these ideas could take this ad campaign to another level and could reach more people who are still in between car insurance companies. For someone like me who lives a busy life and hopefully owns a car this could really be a suggestion in the near future. And as for a better upgraded phone , apps that can make life’s struggles a little less stressful gives you that relief to go on to the next task with ease.

Cicelle Beemon

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