Samsung Galaxy S3

In this ad for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung is trying to persuade us consumers that this is the phone for everyone who enjoys positive and meaningful life moments. If someone missed the first five seconds of the ad, they may think it is for something along the lines of promoting a way to gain a spouse or develop a friendship rather than a cell phone. While there is simply soft violins playing in the background, personal moments in people’s lives, and short phrases the for most of the commercial, we find ourselves being able to relate with these phrases, enjoying the soft music, and smiling at the pictures of others experiencing beautiful life moments on the screen. While learning about Burke’s Pentad, we have learned that there are a number of sources used to make us, the consumer believe that we are the same type of person as the people that designed, built, and selling this product. Therefore, this piece of technology was made for us. The act, scene, agent, and attitude are very apparent and important in this ad, making it very relatable to people who are starting their lives after college, typical twenty to thirty year olds. Ad companies, like Samsung have figured out that the more we can identify with the people in the ad, the more we are willing to believe in what they say, do, and sell.

The act this ad is showing us is the reliability that this phone will be there for us. It will allow us to share what is in our hearts, keep track of loved ones, and follows your every move. It will not just recognize who you are, but it will also see your best side while sharing the warmth of nature, all before it waits till you are asleep. Samsung Galaxy S3 has been designed for humans. This phone is portrayed to be more than just a cellular device. It is portrayed as being a companion, something you can rely on and that will be there for all of life’s big moments. We all need something or someone like that around us, so why not make it one of the things we use the most? Our cell phone.

The scene of this commercial is shown through the individual experiences and personal moments of young (20-30 year old) adults. Personal, intimate touches, getting married, having a new baby, playing outside, and putting a young child to sleep; these are all things that most of us have experienced or dream of experiencing. These moments, for a lot of us, are happening in our everyday lives making it very easy for us to relate to.

The agent of this campaign is a set of twenty and thirty year olds. I feel the ad is targeted toward this age group because of how busy we all are, yet our need to still feel connected. They want to persuade us that us too are experiencing all these changes of marriage, babies, and life responsibilities, that this phone is what makes it easier for them because it does it all for you.

Another very important aspect of this ad campaign is the attitude. With the soothing string music and happy life moments, they are expecting you to react positively. The ad relates joyous times and moments with the cell phone rather than moments of worry and panic as it is dropping from a toddler’s hand and having the screen crack.

All of us are continually in search of the latest and the greatest in technology. This phone is promising just that. While I did not find this ad to be boring, challenging, or risky, I did find it to be very personal. This ad shows for many, the most personal and closest moments to a person’s heart; finding love, their wedding day, the birth of their child. They connect those back to the phone and how it is always going to be there, right beside you, experiencing and capturing all of these life moments. While this ad tries to make us believe it is more than just a cell phone, we need to not be persuaded. Fact is, it is still just a cell phone. The lack of narration keeps us interested and wanting to read more. The pictures bring a smile to our faces and help us relate to the actors and actresses using the product. Then the age of the actors and actresses shows us that yes, they too are young and living life, just like me, therefor I can relate. I do not know statistical numbers as to if this ad campaign has been effective, but I have observed many people, especially people in their target area, with this phone leading me to assume that it has had positive persuasion.

Kelsey Bates

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