Taco Bell- Tunnel Walk

Taco Bell-Tunnel Walk



For my message evaluation I chose the Taco bell Tunnel Walk commercial advertising the Variety pack for game day party. Taco Bell, is obviously a nation wide fast food restaurant.  When the commercial begins there are three men walking though what appears to be a football stadium tunnel. There is a man narrating the commercial as the guys walk in slow motion. The narrator is speaking of how no one will remember a anything that is boring, he even states that no one will remember the guy who brings a tray of cheese and crackers to the game day party. Then the commercial goes on to show the guys not walking down a tunnel but rather an apartment complex hallway to a room of people celebrating the big game. As the three guys enter the party they present Taco Bell’s variety pack. This is shown the greatest thing that any of the individuals at the party have ever seen. You see the party live, and exciting, and everyone having the time of their lives all because of the taco bell variety pack that the three men brought. The narrator also goes into depth of what the variety pack has to offer, six crunchy tacos and six nacho cheese Doritos loco tacos. After he states what is inside the box he then again repeats the name of the product they are selling, “ Taco Bell’s Variety pack, a game day transition. Because it’s happening now.” The commercial is then ended with Taco Bell’s trademark saying, Live Mas, the bell sound, and the Taco Bell logo.

As I applied the Burke’s pentad to the Taco Bell-Tunnel Walk commercial, I broke it down into the 6 key points, act, scene, agent, agency, purpose, and attitude. The act of this commercial is showing the viewer how awesome the variety pack is for a game day party. The agency shown is the three men who are shown bringing the variety pack to the party. The commercial itself is shown to be in reference to football season and the big game parties, what and what not to bring to the party to eat. Therefore the agent in this commercial is standing out, and being the cool ones who do not bring the boring food. The purpose of the commercial is to persuade the viewer purchase their product and to have the variety pack to the big game day event. The scene in the commercial is the game day party, which this is one of the main points to this commercial. Lastly the attitude of this commercial is shown as being fun, exciting, and lively as its scene is obviously a party, where it is meant to have fun. Overall, the commercial is left to make the viewer go out and buy their product and to make it a tradition to use their  product for every game day event, because any other product is boring and old news where their product is the next best thing to happen to game day.

The important ratio of this commercial is the Act:Scene. Any food commercial you see on TV, you see the company portraying their product as being the best and they make sure that their product is shown to where the viewer is going to want to got that product right after viewing the commercial. This is why the act is such an important part to this commercial. Then the agency plays into the importance of the commercial by it focusing on the idea that the act, the variety pack, is the best idea for a game day party. They both rely on each other to make the commercial so effective to the viewer. All the components to Burke’s pentad play a very important role in this commercial but I feel that the act:agency ratio is the most important.

I feel that when it came to persuasion, this commercial did a good job of getting their point across that it is not the ordinary boring game day party food like cheese and crackers that you want, but instead it is Taco Bell’s variety pack that you want in order for you to stand out and be remembered. Taco Bell purposelessly show the party goers enjoying their product and they make sure that the product is shown to the best of its ability. It is making you crave the variety pack and to want to go get it right that second. After I watched this commercial, I believed that the variety pack is what I need in order to make my game day experience complete. Therefore I bought into their commercial and I bought into their message that I need to Live Mas and have the Taco Bell variety pack at my next game day event.

Overall, this commercial did a good job using the urge to stand out and be different to make the commercial great. It has persuasion implied in every part of the commercial to make the viewer want to go buy the product. It makes you hungry, excited and makes you think ahead to make your next game day party eventful and not boring with all the other bland party foods. This commercial persuades  its viewers to buy the product hands down.


-Jessica Rodenbeck

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