That’s alot of doughhhhhh.

After wracking my mind for advertisements I have seen recently and looking around on my own I concluded on one of my favorite commercials on TV right now: State Farm’s “Pizza”. This ad makes me laugh absolutely every time I see it. The ad features two ‘Regular Joe’ looking guys working in a pizza joint. They are in the back of the shop while one kneads dough and the other is (somewhat) in the process of spinning a crust to lay down some awesome pizza-makings. The guy kneading the dough says to the guy spinning dough, “So, I switched my car insurance to State Farm. I saved 480 bucks. You know what that is?”- sporting a devilish grin if I might add. Dough Spinner replies shortly “Yeah, don’t say it” Kneady responds “You see what that is, right?” to which he is responded with a little mumbo jumbo that people tend to give when they really do not want to hear what is being said. Dough spinner is very obviously annoyed and Kneady leans over to tell him “That’s a lot of doughhhh” Dough Spinner gives an ‘I hate this miserable place and dealing with these corny jokes’ face while Kneady gives him an ‘Oh-yeah I just laid that sweet one on you’ look. A few words come on screen reading “Extra-Large Savings.” A narrator comes on to tell you “Switch and you could save 480 bucks with State Farm” While he is saying this the State Farm logo as well as contact information fades on. This commercial is very comedic to me because I love lame pun jokes; and the face Kneady makes after laying that line down was absolutely priceless. It was well executed in my opinion. The commercial is targeted towards people with/needing car insurance, which is everyone who drives. I would say the target age could be anywhere from 16 to early 50’s or so, being that the appeal is corny humor; which is another target aspect. Everyone likes pizza which makes the setting a comfortable place. This is a very generalized target group.

The advertisement exhibits Burke’s identification on a few levels; some may be minute but must make at least a subconscious appeal as advertising has been shown to do. One aspect of identification this advertisement draws on is the concept of the ‘Regular Joe’ type of person. Working in a regular, seemingly mediocre, job with not too much wealth but is still not homeless. The typical middle class (the advertisement leads me to say guy) person; which is what mostly everyone seems to consider themselves. By relaying that this is the type of person who would need this service would be identifying with those people who are seeing the advertisement. Another aspect of identification that is pretty common in advertisements in general is appealing to those who like saving money. In my experience that is a large amount of people as well. They want to relate to people who have cars because people with cars are required to have their service; obviously not from them but have to have it in general.  It seems to me that they have tried to appeal to a mass audience by identifying with very generalized things.

Burke’s pentad applies to this advertisement as well. The act of this advertisement is stated very explicitly; if you switch to State Farm you could save 480 bucks. Everyone likes saving money. The scene of this advertisement is a promising looking pizza restaurant. The agent would double as Kneady and the narrator later in the advertisement. I say it doubles as them because they both give the same message. The agency would be humor and the promise of saving money. The way the wording of the joke interplays with all the other aspects of the scene which works extremely well for the advertisement. The purpose of the advertisement is to get people to switch to State Farm and save some money!

I think the advertisement was successful in that it has made a lasting imprint in my mind, however I do not believe it is going to make me switch because I already have State Farm car insurance. I do not think it would make me want to switch car insurances had it been another car insurance company. The commercial was very funny to me and did make a lasting impression however. Advertising loves getting into the viewers’ subconscious, so this lasting impression might mean that the advertisement was successful. This is something that only time will be able to tell. Honestly when it comes time for me to get on my own car insurance I will be going with wherever is the cheapest for what I need no matter who’s commercial was the best.

I do not really think this commercial could be better. The joke was executed well and the savings are worked into the joke itself. The setting works well with it as well because it makes the joke relevant.

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