The Lincoln Motor Company

“Introducing the Lincoln Motor Company”
There are many different companies that produce and sell vehicles in the United States along with many other countries in this day and age and seeing car commercials and ads in various forms is very common. When I saw the new ad for “The Lincoln Motor Company” as it prestigiously calls itself in this campaign, I was kind of surprised that it caught my eye. I see car commercials every time I turn the TV on and usually just ignore them but I think there are some great facets to this commercial that appeal to the audience and make it a rather well thought out ad campaign. I think sophistication shines through almost immediately when the ad begins and continues all the way to the end. There are not only examples of the tradition that came before but also of the innovations that are to come, this combination helps draw the consumer in. Even the small details such as the music, the speaker’s voice, and the flashes of historical and famous people lean more to the classic and simplistic side. However along with the historical they also show things such as air bag deployment and Miles Per Gallon along with various new features that can be expected with the new year of vehicles.
This campaign while classic is still striking. In this ad we only see one (new) car represented but many older styles also, however the focus is not simply on car that is made by Lincoln but instead the entire brand as a whole, which is an interesting approach. Most motor company ads focus on one vehicle, occasionally featuring two or three; this however only show one particle focus one the MKZ that if you are not paying attention you will miss it completely. This tactic is one that seems to be a little out of the ordinary but leaves opportunity for all different types of vehicle owners to be drawn into this company. The audience for this commercial and the company in general is more of an upper middle class individual, most likely a licensed driver, or a car owner or lessee.
I think Burke’s Pentad is the best way in which to analyze this ad to better understand the persuasive techniques that were used in the making of it. In order to do so I am going to identify the act, agent, agency, scene, and the purpose. First, the act or what is happening, is the way in which the commercial portrays classic and innovative concepts in unison. Second, the agent is also important in order to persuade, using agents like Abraham Lincoln who were respected and liked in association to the campaign draws consumers in and makes them equate what they see with those people and therefore the company seems more reputable and trusted. Third, the agency would be the way in which they combine classic and innovative parts in the campaign while also tying them into the sleekness and sophistication of the new vehicle being shown off. Fourth, the scene is a little trickier, I think it is the competitive automotive industry and the desire to create a campaign that is original and different. Last, the purpose of the campaign is to convince the consumer what a reliable company Lincoln is and also to convince the consumer to buy a vehicle from this company.
While I do think that the ad campaign was effective I feel that there is at least one thing that Lincoln could have done in order to make the persuasion technique even more effective. The main change that I would make would be to include a variety of images showing the different types of vehicles, perhaps instead of simply flashing pictures of the MKZ they could have also included the MKX (a crossover), the Mark (truck), and the Navigator (SUV). I think this variety would appeal to a wider audience. This campaign is already for a fairly select group of consumers that can afford a luxury vehicle broadening the audience would seem more efficient as opposed to the more selective of those simply interested in cars.
In conclusion I think this campaign is fairly persuasive and has many elements that make it successful in that aspect; it is a luxury car brand and the campaign shows various new features that draw in the consumer such as safety improvements, fuel efficiency, and technology. The history that is also included builds on the reputation and reliability of the brand. All the components of this campaign together flow very and make it successful in my opinion. This commercial only heightened my interest in owning a Lincoln preferably an MKX, the crossover vehicle that they sell. Even though I was already a fan of the company I feel like this ad campaign was a very good choice and I cannot wait until I become a part of the seemingly exclusive Lincoln Motor Company.
-Miranda Haifley

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