Geico Two Tickets to Paradise

The commercial I have chosen is the Geico commercial with Eddie Money owning a travel agency. When he brings out the tickets for the family sitting at the desk, he starts singing his hit song called, “Two Tickets to Paradise”. The parents are trying to explain to him that it’s actually in two months and that there are actually four tickets, but he just keeps singing. The commercial then cuts to two men playing guitars on a small stage on a street corner playing said guitars.
One man says to the other, “You know Ronnie, folks who save hundreds of dollars on car insurance by switching to Geico sure are happy.” The other man then asks, “And how happy are they Jimmy?” Jimmy then replies, “Happier than Eddie Money owning a travel agency.” As he says this, they stop playing, the word Geico with underneath it. While this is happening, narrator says, “Get happy, get Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you 50% or more.” Then the screen fades to black.
I knew I was going to pick this commercial when I heard about this project. It’s one of my favorite Geico commercials that are on the air right now. Geico is a car insurance company. The company’s claim has always been that fifteen minutes (meaning a fifteen minute consultation) could save you 50% or more on car insurance.
Geico has always used comedy in their commercials. Geico has had everything from using cavemen with a slogan, “So easy a caveman can do it,” to using a computer generated gecko and having him tell people that it’s Geico not Gecko.
I believe that using comedy to get people to buy your product is a very good way to advertise. Using comedy not only makes people feel good, but also sends the message that the product may make you feel good as well. Unlike scare tactics, which try to intimidate people into buying their product, comedy tries to entertain the audience while also endorsing their product. In other words people feel more comfortable with comedy and getting a laugh or a smile rather than being intimidated and feeling threatened by scare tactics.
I think that the Eddie Money commercial focuses most on the agent and the act. The agent would be Eddie Money. He is the one doing the act, and the act would be him singing and bringing out the tickets.
The agency, which is the audience, would be anyone who is old enough to buy car insurance, and appeals to most of the age groups. It appeals to the younger generation by showing an awkward and funny situation. Even if someone doesn’t know who Eddie Money is, or even know his song, “Two Tickets to Paradise,” they know that it’s a pretty funny and awkward situation to have some old guy at a travel agency come out with your tickets singing, and ignores you while your trying to correct him by just continuing to sing.
The commercial also appeals to the older generation because the crazy old man who is doing the singing is a famous singer from a time when they were young. Eddie Money was famous from the 70’s to mid 80’s, and had many good hits. To see a familiar face could make these older people think back to when they were younger and think of how someone famous from their time like Eddie Money is in a commercial for this company could make them relate to the insurance company a little more. I think that it was a much better idea to use someone musician from the 70’s like Eddie Money rather than someone who is famous now like Lil Wayne or if they were to make it about a cruise and using The Lonely Island, because I think that if they were to do this it would completely focus on young people and cancel out any effect the commercial has on the older generation. The only way that it may work for these people is if the were potentially going through their midlife crisis and thought it would make them cool to get this car insurance.
Car insurance isn’t a product like something that a person would buy on a daily basis, but I think that the commercial could be a very effective one. It might not give the consumer very much information, but it makes the consumer want to know more which gets them to call into Geico to see how much they can save over that fifteen minute phone call.
To be honest, I don’t think that this was a very risky ad, but it is still effective. I don’t think that there is much risk in entertaining the consumer. I actually think that it helps bring up sales more than what scaring them does.
In conclusion, I think that this commercial is a very effective one. It is meant for all age groups and gets people to call in for the information on their product. On top of all of this, it is a very entertaining commercial, and was very well made.


-Travis Wyss

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