Message Evaluation One:

For the first message evaluation assignment I have chosen to analyze a commercial from, which is an online dating site for people over the age of 50.  I chose this commercial because it has had frequent appearances on Television lately, and I thought it was a good ad because I believe everyone should have a chance at love, no matter what their age may be.  The audience for this ad campaign for is single people who are 50 years of age or older, and are seeking to find compatibility and romance in their life via Internet dating sites.  As well as people that may not be comfortable using the more popular dating sites like or, because there is not much of a focus on people in their age group.  This is not a traditional dating site, because it is exclusive to people 50 and older., unlike other online dating sites, like or, allows people to connect with others that are seeking all the same likes and interests, and they are also the same age.  This makes it easier and more appealing for older single people to get out in the dating scene again, because for them, is relatable to their lifestyle and how they like to spend their time.  I do find this ad particularly striking! I think it is great that there is a dating site out there that was made just for individuals 50 year of age and older.  I like it because I feel most people in this age group have life figured out for the most part, and know how and with what type of person they want to spend their time with.  The problem is, most people have no idea where or how to start dating again, as well as at the same time trying not to make themselves completely vulnerable. makes it easy for people to take the steps in joining the dating world again with confidence and excitement, instead of being overwhelmed and intimidated.  I feel that this ad campaign has to be successful; it gives people a feeling of hope again.  Which makes them want to join so they can find a companion to live their life with.  With that being said, I will now explain the ways in which this commercial from is applied to the six parts of Burke’s pentad. There are six pieces to Burkes pentad, these six parts are: act, scene, agent, agency, purpose, and attitude.  The first part I will be analyzing will be “act,” which is what happened?  The act of this commercial is showing that there is a website for single people 50 years old and above, to find someone they can be compatible with, and enjoy spending their time with while safely getting back into the dating scene.  The second part of the pentad is “scene,” which is where the act is taking place?  The scene of this advertisement for is on the Internet.  The reason being is is an online dating website, therefore the Internet is the meeting place for members to connect with one another, find compatibility, and then find love.  After scene comes “agent,” which is “who” is doing the act?  The agent in this advertisement would be the members of  Which in this case would be individuals 50 years of age and older that have joined to partake in online dating. Next comes “agency,” which is the technique and appeals.  The agency in this advertisement is the use of real of age people talking about how worked for them and then explained the great feeling of having connections with people of their own age.  After agency follows “purpose,” which is “why” is this happening?  When analyzing purpose and applying it to this advertisement, the reason “why,” is so people that may have not been active in the dating scene recently and want to have a connection and relate with people their own age, which may not be easily obtainable in public places at first.  Someone could go onto and find a connection with another person and join the dating world once again. One lady in the advertisment said, “If I want to talk about music from the 80’s at least they were born.”  It gives them relatability, members know they can relate about life experiences.  Lastly comes “attitude,” which is agency employed and reflected.  I think that the attitude of this advertisement is a happy positive one, which can be seen in the agency.  Another part of Burke’s pentad is making a ration between the two most important parts of the pentad.  When applying the pentad to this advertisement, my ratio would be scene:purpose.  The reason being is the scene is online dating, which is the whole reason for the commercial being made.  And purpose, because it is explaining why this advertisement is necessary.  Overall I feel that this advertisement is well put together and striking to the audience.  If I were to change anything about this advertisement, I would have a real life success from depicted in the commercial to show validity and to prove that you can find love on
Danielle Bishop 

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