New Spice

This ad is a campaign for the Old Spice product line.  It is meant to interest the average man in buying this product for in order to look like this guy.  In the commercial he does some pretty interesting things which could actually inspire a couple of wives or girlfriends to go out and pick up the old spice products in order to hopefully make their husband or boyfriend seem anything like him.  The ad itself is a funny ad that interests many people by simply making them laugh, for instance there are jokes that are made by many of people because of this advertisement.  The reasoning behind this advertisement seems to be the amusement of the audience which would mean that it is related to Burke, who believed in Pathos, the emotional appeal.

Burke had something that is identified as his pentad which is the explanation of the dramatization of the play. He divided it into six different areas: Act, Scene, Agent, Agency, Purpose, and the Attitude.  Each advertisement follows the pentad in order to attract or make the customer buy their product or not do something.  The Act represents what happened in the advertisement the context of the advertisement, such as the actions of the people in the advertisement.  The Scene is where the advertisement is being held at or the context of it.  The Agents are those who are being used as the actors of the advertisement.  The agency is the technical appeal of the advertisement, for instance the object or the main instrument which the act is completed with.  The Purpose is why the Act happened or the reasoning behind the Act.  The Attitude is how the audience reacted to the Agency or the completion of the Act.  These areas are what Burke believed to be in a persuasion and this applies to the Old Spice advertisement.

This advertisement would be a good example of Burke’s Pentad, because of the amount of information that we can derive from this commercial. Burke believed that the world was a stage where life itself could be explained in the fashion of a play.  The pentad is built of six stages, which consist of the act, scene, agent, agency, purpose and attitude.  The act in this commercial would be the muscular man holding the Old spice body wash to impress the women or men looking at him.  The scene would be on the beach, which by anyone’s standards is a good place to be.  By picking a happy place for the ad I would imagine that the producer of the ad wanted to make the audience have a good feeling when they saw the Old Spice products.  The agent is obviously the muscular black man in the towel on the beach.  The agency in this commercial would be the body wash that the man has in his hand to express what the viewers should be focused on, or the product that he is trying to sell the audience to.  The purpose is to make the audience imagine that they could have or be this man if they bought the product that they are advertising.  The last part of the pentad is the attitude which in this advertisement would be the audience laughing and wanting to buy the product.       

From what I can tell about this advertisement, I would assume that it worked due to the amount of people who buy the Old Spice products.  When I first saw this advertisement on television I would always stop to look at the commercial with my parents and we would all have a good laugh about it.  After that I would even consider getting the products myself for the appeal that it showed on television.  My mother would always make a joke about the commercial when it came on about how the man looked in it, even though all of the men in the room rolled their eyes.  I actually went to Purdue this past summer and stayed with my cousin.  While staying with him I noticed he has this exact picture up in his bathroom with Old Spice products that I did not even know they made, and his exact words to me after I pointed all of this out was “I aspire to be like him every day of my life.”  At the time I thought this was very amusing and funny, but now that I think back on it the advertisement did their job in convincing him to buy their product over other products and he even aspires to be the guy.  If I had to answer if it was effective, I would say it is extremely effective to the audience.  To say that this advertisement is compelling is an understatement. I would say that this advertisement is a direct line to the pathos of the audience and does everything that an advertisement should do, which is entice the audience and make them want to buy their product over another brand.   

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