Doritos Superbowl 2013 Winner (Young Couple)

                                                                                                                        Juan Sanchez

                                                                                                                        Mrs. Kearl

                                                                                                                        Jan 27, 2013




                                Message Evaluation


For my message evaluation I chose to do something that everyone does every day; eat! I chose to do my message evaluation on a Doritos commercial. I looked for many persuasive ads that were “up to date” but found none that I liked as much as this one. I like this one because not only is it very funny but it also has persuasive techniques to capture the audience’s attention.

            The ad first begins with a young couple who are watching TV in the living room. They appear to be boyfriend and girlfriend. In the ad there is a beautiful girl who is sitting next to her boyfriend as he is watching the football game. He looks very into the game and is devouring a big bag of Doritos. However, his girlfriend, who is also wearing lingerie, cannot seem to get his attention. That is until she quickly notices that he is running low on Doritos.  She then takes the other bags of Doritos into their bed room.

            When the boyfriend finally notices that he is out of Doritos and his girlfriend is missing, he then goes to the bedroom where he finds his girlfriend lying on the bed with her entire body covered in Doritos. The boyfriend then gets very excited and salivates of the young attractive girl as if he wants to dive head first into the bed along with her. This is how the commercial ends.

            I personally thought this was very awkward to watch with my family and elderly people. But at the same time I also thought it was really funny too! I felt it had a couple strong persuasive techniques. The first one would be the use of food. I took it as we’re all supposed to eat Doritos whenever we watch football. I also felt like they used food, especially junk food that we don’t really necessarily need, to sell and attract consumers, especially men who are known to do this. They know that when we see something, such as food, as humans we generally tend to want what we see! They also used a technique that I thought was interesting. Instead of using the small or regular size bags of Doritos they just had to advertise the huge family size bags. So to me what they were saying was that not only do you  need to buy Doritos but you need to buy the biggest bag you can find. I thought that was kind of greedy. Buying an excess of something we do not need.

The next persuasive technique I noticed was the use of the young lady. I kind of felt like they made it appear as if all women do is nag the hell out of men and mess with their food. I also felt that they used the famous “sex sells” technique. In the ad the young lady appeared to be dressed as if she was ready to engage in sexual activities. She appeared to be wearing what looked like Victoria Secret’s lingerie. I felt this was to attract men because it is a proven fact that sex does sell and men are definitely programmed off of what we see! Throughout the short commercial, the young girl tries to kiss and touch her boyfriend but keeps getting denied by him because he’s eating Doritos and trying to watch the football game. To manipulate him she gets naked and covers herself in Doritos. I mean c’mon now who honestly really does that! Even though she looks very attractive we all know that is not real life. Not even close! At the very end of the commercial they made it seem as if they were going to then have sex. This makes young and immature audiences think that if they go buy a family size bag of Doritos their going to get laid just like the commercial. I don’t think too many women found it funny.

The object that is being sold is the big bag of Doritos. Although it was viewable to the whole world, I definitely think this persuasive ad was intended and more so geared towards men as a whole. The ad wasn’t challenging nor was it boring. I must admit I thought the young lady made it very striking but then again I am a guy! Their persuasive techniques worked on me. Because the clip is roughly around thirty seconds, the producers and editors had to use persuasive techniques. That is why big companies such as Doritos are willing to pay billions of dollars for thirty seconds of fame. They know that they only need a certain amount of time to persuade or influence their audience. For example, football is known to be a “man’s sport” and what do a lot of men think about?  The answer is sex and food. This is also probably why the ad has well over a million views. Given by what I know so far, I felt this ad was effective because by the end of the commercial I was ready to buy my very own family size bag of Doritos and hope for the best! I enjoyed this and thought it was a great assignment.





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