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Do not cats and dogs make you want to go “awwwwww”. Well for the ASPCA it is all about the rescue missions, adoptions, and saving lives to animals in need. Come on we have all been sucked into those commercials with the cute dogs and cats staring at you while different foundations get you to donate. The ASPCA is a perfect example of a social movement that has been around for quite some time now and has spread across the country with help from us. They teamed up and went out there and got people to start donating in order to rescue and save lives. Did you know that just in the state of California alone over 10,000 cats and dogs that aren’t even a year old yet get euthanized a day?!(Jason D. Heigl). What are we doing!? We have explained in class that a social movement has to have three components: has to be uninstitutionalized, collective commitment, and have a behalf of cause. A social movement in my eyes is a group of people with the desire to fight for what they want or believe in to be developed through other individuals with the same motive. Meaning that in order to even start a movement, any kind doesn’t have to be just social, you sort of have to have a passion or motive for what you want to see grow, start, or simply in this case to change animals lives to move forward. There are many different types of social movements out there like feminism, civil rights, gay rights, and so forth. They all fought for a purpose. In this case we are developing a social movement through others to save animals that don’t have the voice of their own, kind of like feminism where for awhile women didn’t have the voice to say what they wanted; well now we can start that with animals. One point I didn’t make before with all this being said is that I do not think that a continuing social movement like this one has to have the uninstitutionalized component to make it a social movement because the ASPCA is an institution now, but it didn’t always start as an institution. They had to have that basic line of a social movement like persuading different companies or even individuals to help out and they had to do it on their own to begin with, to develop that group of people for the movement. The artifact I have chosen shows a cat and a dog with word bubbles coming out of their mouths, but no words. This ad implies that animals do not have a voice and cannot speak for themselves so in order for them to do that we need to become their voices. We need to show people that they are hurting and suffering. This makes a huge persuasive approach for the social movement. Whether it’s with ads like these or the commercials we see on television it persuades us to donate, to help out. Not saying this persuasion is bad, simply saying that it is persuasion to do the right thing. When I think of this persuasion I think of Burke and how he states that not all persuasion has to be logic. That persuasion is our life, our reality. It is a drama field basically that we live in. People don’t have all the logic about pets so they use others to see the wrong in cruelty. Dogs, cats, they are a part of this drama we live in; they are a common asset to us. Burke says the more we identify with people, the more were persuaded and this is so true in this case. People own animals. Animals need our voices. We are persuaded by listening to people telling us about these animals and their needs in order for us to say “you know what I will help, they need our help”. This persuades us. These ads, campaigns, commercials showing us images that make us feel bad, but are reality, are the persuasion this social movement needs in order for us to help them save these animals lives. The audience can be any one that is coherent and understands what all of these artifacts are saying. This social movement is one of the most efficient ones out there because you have a lot of people that care about animals. Like Burke says before, this is a part of our reality, our drama. This social movement is so big that anyone can become a part of it. Whether that’s donating to a shelter or even adopting an animal that is in need of a good home. We need to be the voices of these animals, we need to be the hope, the love, the sanctuary, because if we are not then what is even the point of this great social movement.

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