I think a social movement is the collective commitment sustained on behalf of a cause to impose change. However, I use the word “change” loosely because I feel change can be both good and bad. I also believe there has to be an action behind a social movement no matter what type of movement. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be considered a movement because what are you moving? Personally, I believe this means that you actually have to “do” something. I also believe not all social movements end in a success. There are many social movements that end up as failures. In addition, I think the influence of a social movement is very vital or important. I would think it has to be considered otherwise how can your social movement grow or advance if no one hears or knows about it? That is why I believe the media is so vital in determining the outcome of a social movement.

Although the Civil Rights Movement seems so long ago it really isn’t too “old” if you take the time to think about it. In doing so I have decided to choose a picture of two individuals holding hands in which both are from different cultures. I have also chosen to do my message evaluation assignment on this photograph because I feel it coincides with the Civil Rights Movement in which I also believe plays hand and hand with the Human Rights Movement. These are two extremely close social movements that are still currently impacting our culture and society today. This artifact is important to me because I believe the Civil Rights Movement is one of the most well- known and most forceful social movements not only in North America but now extending across the entire globe. The reason I chose this artifact is because as a minority I still face issues of prejudice and racism every day, making this artifact very relevant to me and other minorities of different ethnicities. I believe this social movement has not only impacted the black man but also all of those who have made a stand for equality alongside those who are still making a stand for human rights no matter the consequence. This social movement may not be as extreme as it was back then but it is still a huge issue in our society and is still very much relevant in many American’s lives today.

I believe this is an example of a social movement because it started off un- institutionalized and later gained popularity and momentum as time progressed. As stated in my definition, you have a collective commitment coming from a group of people sustained on behalf of a cause to impose a change. I think this meets the definition of a social movement because it has withheld the test of time even against great opposition; in which it is still continuing to fight towards the freedom, equality, justice and human rights of all mankind. These freedoms are what this country was said to be built upon.

I also believe the artifact I have chosen is a great example of the reached success of both the Civil Rights and Human Rights social movements. The picture displays two hands, one black and one white coming together. That alone is a powerful statement and sends a dynamic message to those who are and are not a part of the social movement for equal rights. I believe the artifact that I have chosen is very persuasive demonstrating a cultural collectiveness and sending out a message of peace. I chose to use a picture instead of a video because I felt that this picture is truly worth a thousand words. It means so much depending on the audience or the viewer. Because of the significance and relevancy of the picture, I think the intended audience is the entire World! I believe the artist’s strategy was to promote change by bringing all of those from different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures together beginning with blacks and whites. I believe this artifact is a great representation of both the Civil/ Human Rights Movements. It is very influential. I say this because in the picture the artist chose to eliminate all color using only black and white. In the background of the two hands shaking, the artist has also chosen to place a white background behind the black hand and a black background behind the white hand. I like this artifact because it brings out the similarities and dismisses the differences. For example, one of the hands is not bigger than the other giving neither an appearance of superiority. Neither are the hands very different from each other. I believe this artifact displays a powerful gesture of peace and equality influencing those from all walks of life to join hands and come together for the better of mankind. To me a think the picture is saying that we should all be color- blind persuading those who are against Civil / Human Rights to have a change of heart or mind.


-Juan Sanchez

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