Strike | Dance | Rise!

                                                            Strike | Dance | Rise!

Social movement is a term that refers to people with a common ideology coming together in hopes to achieve a goal. On February 14th, 2013, Valentine’s Day, Fort Wayne joined a movement in hopes of raising awareness and to end violence against women and girls. The One Billion Rising campaign has been endorsed by 13,000 groups so far. With statistic such as one in every three women are directly affected by violence and abuse in her lifetime, women are ready to stand up, have a voice, and dance about an issue that has silenced them for many years.

This social movement is not just in Fort Wayne, it is not just in the United States, it has become a worldwide social movement. I feel that yes, we can identify the One Billion Rising as a social movement because it is a group of individuals banning together, with a common goal, the goal to be heard, the goal of standing up for what they believe, and the goal of making domestic violence ultimately stop.

On Februarys 14, 2013, One Billion Rising asked for one billion women and those who love them, worldwide, to walk out, dance, rise up, and demand and end to this violence. They claim that they are a global strike, an invitation to dance, an act of solidarity, and a refusal to accept violence against women and girls.   The goal has been that by raising awareness a shift will happen that allows others that have or may experience domestic violence that there is hope, and there are people who care. In September, 2012 people from 160 countries had signed up to take part in the campaign. This year, on Valentine’s Day, that number jumped to 190 countries.

My artifact is really quite simple. It is the One Billion Rising banner. It simply gets the point across that on February 14th, 2013 they will be, just as their logo promises, strike, dance, and rise.  I have also included one of the news broadcasts of the coverage that News Channel 15 gave the day of the event. I feel this simply helps sum up the organization, their goals, and reiterates how successful and widespread this organization has become in the past two years.

  I do believe that yes, One Billion Rising is a social movement, but I also believe it is a very successful one. There are close to 250 countries in the world. If people in 190 of those countries have already jumped on board and agreed that yes, there is a problem here and it is time for a change, One Billion Rising has already impacted 76 % of the world. With numbers like that, in a matter of just a few years, I feel this is a social movement that is going to do and is doing a great job at getting people to join their force and advocate for change.

Kelsey Bates

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