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drake and lil wayne

My definition on a Social Movement is an uninstitutionalized group that makes movement that eventually makes a certain institution or the public change, which is similar to the one that is in the book; an uninstitutionalized collectivity that operates on a sustained basis to exert external influence in behalf of a cause.  For my definition have chosen to use the influence that the different hip hop movements have had over the public, specifically teenagers and young adults.  There are many ways that the public appeal to hip hop and other musical artists even though sometimes it is a small or big change in the public.  An example of that would be how rappers independently influence what teenagers and young adults find interesting in terms of clothing and jewelry.  Music artists can change an entire generation from a single move like the moon walk to the jerk.  Of course there are many more artists that are institutionalized in the world but even at a time they were dancing and singing to sell their talents to a record label. 

The most famous moves in the history of dancers were not discovered by artists but by kids who taught the artists how to do them.  The moonwalk was not done first by Michael Jackson but kids in Harlem, but that move changed how the world looked at dancing.  This eventually started another series of dancers who wanted to elaborate on the type of dancing such as Usher, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown and other people who started to dance at an early age because of what was portrayed through what a move learned from kids in Harlem could do.  This is just one case how artists have changed how people look at something and open their eyes to what they could do and become.

My artifact is a picture of Lil Wayne listening to music with a set of Dr. Dre beats headphones while the musical artist drake looks at him questionably at a basketball game.  This picture demonstrates just what the trend in the musical industry is, even though it is pretty odd.  The Beats headphones product line is made by a former musical artist which now is CEO of one of the greatest selling headphones in the industry.  These headphones are bought and worn all over the world because of the quality and how much artists are shown talking about them or wearing them.  There are so many different types of clothing lines that are created by artists such as Mariah Carey, Lil Wayne and many others. They give us the ability to wear our favorite artists clothes and wear the perfume and cologne that they sell to the public.  In doing this they have pretty much made people wear their designer clothing line to even try to get the feel for how it is to be them.  When kids trying to make it in the music industry start seeing this they attempt to sing or rap about the type of clothes and accessories that others have put out for people their age. 

Everyone listens to music and normally has a favorite musician they like to listen to.  The artists were not always someone in the spotlight from the moment they were born; they had to go through the process and grew up with hopes and dreams of making it in the world someday.  At this point in their lives they were not institutionalized which gives those who are not institutionalized hopes that one day they can be able to make it in the big leagues with the others.  It gives people who do not truly think they have a glimmer of hope in their future a chance to become something.  Drake himself sings songs about a hope in the future and how he did not truly have too much to hold onto in his life, but music artists gave him hope and told him to keep trying and keep his head up.  After that he kept trying and eventually became a famous artist that many kids look up to, like me for instance. 

Kids follow what artists do and literally start wearing what the artists wear.  No matter how far fetch the clothing is, like skinny Jeans, the kids will eventually mock the idea of it being cool in their heads and will adopt that style for their own.  The thing that makes these people a questionable movement would be that some of them are institutionalized.  Thanks to youtube.com it is giving people a chance to put their talent out there and have companies look at them and give them a chance to make dreams come true.  The artifact shows just how people see the way our society has changed thanks to the artists of the 21st century.  Not all movements have to be positive and sometimes it can actually lead to very negative results depending on who the main leader of the movement is and if the main change in the movement is different than what was proposed.

Sources: Gizmodo.com

Simons,H., & Jones, J. (2011). Persuasion In Society: Leading Social Movements. New York, NY: Routled

– Bryan Saunders  

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