Doritos and Heider’s Balance Theory What Could Be Better?

What is better than Doritos?! The Heider’s Balance Theory! Okay well not really, but viewing the commercial with a couple of people it is easily seen how the balance theory can take into effect based on the person’s attitude towards the commercial. Whether it is associate or dissociate. The commercial was a humorous one and who doesn’t like funny commercials I mean come on they are made to entertain all audience. Better yet there is an owner that buys a goat and the goat loves Doritos until one day they run out after clearly the owner getting annoyed with the goat and his smacking, crunchiness full of Doritos mouth. Now can you predict what happens next? Probably of course if you have seen the commercial you would know. The goat goes mad! He literally smashes his owner’s picture frame and makes the sounds of a goat’s rage in fury! Well let’s just say the owner is not looking so hot at this point in time. The goat one day sees his owner with a room full of Doritos with the sign saying goat for sale on the back wall, but wait it gets even better the owner freaks when he sees the goat standing in the doorway beyond freaked out and you can guess what happens next when the door gets kicked shut by the goats anger. Now with saying all of this wouldn’t you think it is pretty hilarious? Well I had my friend Jeanna watch it with me first and let’s just say we almost peed our pants cracking up over this commercial. The balance theory says if both people like each other and they both have a common ground whether that be a liking of something or both not agreeing on something it is balanced so in this case the theory was balanced because Jeanna and I are both friends. We both like each other and we both LOVED the commercial equally. Now on the other hand when I had my husband Race watch it he did not like the commercial, not one laugh! I was like come on, seriously? Not liking it causes the triangle of the balance theory to become unbalanced because we both love each other, but we do not have that common ground on both liking it and disliking it. We both have to agree on something whatever it may be in order for the theory to be balanced.  Balance theory is basically what it says it to be. First you have to at least like the person then agree on something. There is the attraction effect but that if you don’t like the people and you can agree on something. In conclusion comparing both people and how they were different in how they reacted to the commercial and from my opinion on it showed how the theory can be balanced or unbalanced.

-Ashton Dorsey

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