Oz The Great and Powerful



The Heuristic- Systematic model proposes two routes along which people process information. The systematic processing route is a slow, high effort process in which people are fully engaged and trying to analyze information. The Heuristic processing route is a fast, low effort route because it relies on “mental rules of thumb”, which may not be entirely accurate but make it easier for us to make quick decisions. These processes can be used exclusively or inclusively depending on the type of information being received. I have chosen the trailer for the new movie Oz The Great and Powerful to apply this model to. This was my first time watching this trailer so I was able to react without any preconceived judgments. This trailer presents a movie that will explain the origins of the great and powerful Oz, which means that it will be a prequel to the Wizard of Oz, where the story focused on Dorothy, and her adventure in Oz. Using the systematic processing route I am compelled to go see this movie because the special effects looked well done, they used the same style of black and white to color that the original movie did moving from a black and white Kansas to a beautifully colored Oz, and it is being directed by someone who made the Spiderman Trilogy which I really enjoyed, so I am likely to enjoy this film. It looked like the studio put a lot of effort in to this commercial so they probably put a lot of effort in to the film. Using the heuristic processing route I recognized James Franco and Mila Kunis both of whom I consider attractive, and who’s past films I have enjoyed so I am likely to go see this movie to watch their performances. I used both routes to process this trailer, I recognized that I used the Heuristic route first because the beginning of the trailer shows James Franco and I immediately wanted to watch the movie because I really like the work he has done, this was reinforced when Mila Kunis appeared. I began to engage with the trailer a little more when it shifted from a black and white Kansas to the colorful Oz because it grabbed my attention and made me realize the similarities between this film and the Wizard of Oz. I liked the attention to detail in the film that can be seen in the trailer. Because the Wizard of Oz is such a classic I was hoping this new movie would be able to live up to it and from the looks of this trailer it will. I was extremely persuaded to go see this film.

Lexi Welborn

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