Change of attitude


Heider’s Balance Theory has influenced what goes into my cart while I’m grocery shopping. Specifically, the balance theory has been used in my decision on whether or not to buy Popchips. Normally, I would not buy any sort of potato chips because I usually eat pretty healthfully. However, I remember seeing Popchips in the natural food section at Kroger’s grocery store. It caught my attention, because they claimed to have no fake colors, fake flavors, and no preservatives, however I did not buy them that day. Then I saw an advertisement for Popchips in a magazine, with an Indian man saying “These are the Bombay.” My first thought was that the ad was extremely corny. Then I discovered that the man in the ad was actually Ashton Kutcher made up and dressed as an Indian Bollywood producer named Raj. To me, I thought that concept was stupid and somewhat racist as well. Plus, when I think of Ashton Kutcher, I think of him as the stupid guy from the movie Dude Where’s My Car? I am not persuaded to buy food products endorsed by that sort of character. So according to the balance theory, my attitude toward Popchips (X) was initially positive, however my attitude towards Ashton Kutcher (O) in the ad was negative; making the relationship unbalanced. This unbalance prevented me from buying Popchips the next time I was at the grocery.

However, I then later saw an advertisement for Popchips featuring Katy Perry. The ad caught my attention because I like Katy Perry; I enjoy her music and sense of unique style. The particular ad that I saw depicted Katy holding two bags of Popchips over her boobs with the quote “Nothing fake about ‘em”. I thought this was a clever advertisement that made sense since, as I mentioned before, Popchips contain no fake colors, fake flavor, and no preservatives. The balance theory states that we seek to balance relationships. So, we have to either change the way we feel about the other person (O), or change the way we feel about the object (X). The ad with Katy made me reassess my opinion of Popchips. I suppose that, subconsciously, I thought “Katy looks like a fit person, so if she’s endorsing this product, maybe it does have some merit.” Now there was a balanced relationship between me (P), Katy Perry (O), and Popchips (X). So the next time I was at the grocery store, I bought some Popchips; all because of Heider’s balance theory and Katy Perry.             –Carly Thompson

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