Gary Owen – Social Scientific Approaches to Persuasion


The theory that I decided to elaborate on was of the Social Scientific Approaches to Persuasion discussion we had talked about on February 28th. I found a promotional event flyer on the Visit Fort Wayne website for the comedian Gary Owen. I wanted to take a look at this from the HSM dual process model we discussed in class that shows both high effort reasoning processes and faster low effort processes. Beginning with a systematic, slow, high-effort process I can see that this poster is trying to convey a message of assertive, edgy humor, with a touch of quirky – out of style, unconventional approaches. The poster illustrates that the comedian is National, which must mean he has some sort of reputation amongst himself. The bright, explosive background looks as if the event will really blow up and excite you. Additionally before making a decision on whether or not to go, I wanted to do a little research on the comedian and really see if his humor style was one of which I would enjoy. After a short amount of time I found Gary Owen’s website and discovered that he was a servicemen, and that he began doing stand-up after a career in the military. I can see that a stand-up comedian that has service men jokes could be humorous. From this overkill-systematic approach, I would attend a Gary Owen show. From a heuristic approach, I see a douche y guy in a lame-ass 80’s member’s only jacket looking at me in a “I’m really trying to poop one out here” kind of way. I dig the fonts and the design of the flyer is really professional, but I can’t get over the normal looking dude with the 9$ dollar great clips hair cut trying to get me to come see him perform. He honestly looks like a fresh college grad trying to tour around and live his life-long trust-funded dream of being a stand-up comedian. Additionally, I don’t really know what the hell the disco ball is doing in there, it clutters up the whole design and I feel like it’s just in the way. Based on this promotional flyer I would not go see Gary Owen, he does not look like the kind of comedian I would enjoy, and this type of event is not one I could justify spending money on. So, based on how I viewed that promotional ad trying to convince me to attend the show, really did play a big role in whether or not I would attend. I systematically analyzed it, and would attend, but on the other hand, I heuristically viewed it, applied my own judgments and stereotypes and decided against it.

Drew Thomas

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