Kindle Fire Vs. iPad

The Social Judgment theory is one that can be applied to many types of persuasive artifacts, commercials or advertisements are great ways in which to persuade a customer to buy your product. Social judgment theory focuses on how an individual’s preexisting viewpoint on an issue affects how they perceive and react (through attitude change) to persuasive materials.
When talking about social judgment theory there are three latitudes that need to be considered, the latitude of acceptance, non-commitment, and rejection. All of the latitudes are set around the “anchor point” or the current attitudes of the viewer pertaining to the specific subject of the message (Sherif & Hovland, 1961; 1967). The latitudes of acceptance is centered around the anchor point, and is what the viewer already considers to be or similar enough to their attitudes for them to accept them as their own. The latitude(s) of non-acceptance are attitudes that do not match the viewer’s attitudes but that are not so different that they all together discard them; this latitude is the best position from which to try and persuade someone to change their attitude. Lastly there is/are the latitude(s) of rejection, outlooks or opinions that differ too greatly from the audiences’ viewpoints and which they will immediately reject them; persuasive materials in this area will have no effect on the audience.
This commercial is a great way to explain Social Judgment theory because depending on your existing stance on the topic, whether you prefer Mac Products (iPad) or Amazon products (Kindle), your degree of persuasion will vary. This commercial compares two products, on various different aspects that both have in common, and which both are strikingly similar. The commercial closes by showing the price of each; money is a huge factor when it comes to persuading consumers to buy a product.
I personally have been looking into buy an “eReader” or tablet, this commercial really struck me as being persuasive. I have never really been a huge Mac customer, while I have an iPod and an iPod touch, I like others have not fallen in love with Mac laptops and computers. Mac prices have been a huge deterrent when it comes to many of their products, while I would have no problem with owning a MacBook, I personally cannot afford them. Therefore I have become a PC customer; I have found very many quality products at reasonable prices and have rarely had problems with them. That being said, before watching this commercial my attitude on iPads was already set, therefore my attitudes when it comes to this topic only grew stronger against Mac products. I think that the Social Judgment theory is a great way to for a person, as a viewer of persuasion, to really understand the process that we go through automatically every day. It is important to know the complexities of persuasion so that we can understand different situations in which we may be persuaded.

-Miranda Haifley

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