SJT Iphone vs Android


Social Judgment Theory is based on the idea of Muzafer Sherif and Carl Hovland which is assumes that everyone evaluates everything based off of their anchor points.  They believed that when someone is being persuaded these anchor points come into play, which are just ideas that people believe to be true due to experience or other informative.  By having different anchor points this makes people have different perspectives of the same persuasive message which makes it difficult for a persuader to engage in a persuasive message without knowing the anchor points of where the individual stands on the argument.  Everyone operates on a scale from negative three to positive three where each side represents a certain point like a negative three would be Mac computers and positive three would be PCs.  Everyone has a point on the scale about how they feel on a certain topic, known as the Anchor Point, which a person is willing to try something that is to the right and left of the scale.  That leniency bubble is known as the Latitude of Acceptance, while everything that is outside of that bubble is known as the latitude of Non-commitment.  The latitude of Non-commitment is outside of the latitude of acceptance that the person disagrees with but everywhere outside of that is the latitude of Rejection, where the person will automatically reject the idea because it is too far from their anchor point. 

The artifact that I have chosen is a comparison between the IPhone and Android Galaxy S III.  Many people would love to make this comparison but it all comes down to the Anchor point of the phone.  The Social Judgment theory in this case would be what someone has been told about the phones or the kind of research that they have done over the phones.  The ad shows that the Android phone is a better phone than the IPhone because of the different features that make the android seem better.  Depending on where the Anchor point lies for this advertisement a person would allow this ad to expand the latitude of Non-commitment to a certain direction where the latitude of Acceptance also expand to a side which will make the person start to choose one of the phones depending on where their Anchor point was.  In order to change an opinion on a subject, through the Social judgment theory, is to know where the person stands on the issue and gradually make the Anchor point or latitude of acceptance shift to a specific side.

-Bryan Saunders

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