AT&T:Faster is better it’s not complicated


Social judgment theory is where a persons attitude toward a message of persuasion being analyzed both before hearing or seeing the message and after the message. In this theory, there is a number system what the person ranks their opinion from a -3 to +3. This number system is set up on a line format, -3 being strongly against the message and +3 being strongly for the message with 0 being the neutral with the message. The first step in this theory, one must determine where his overall attitude of what the message deals with falls on the number line. Then one must decide where on the line he can tolerate the message. The area from the point where the attitude is plotted to the point where one can tolerate the message is called the latitude of acceptance. This area is more less the individual’s “comfort zone”. The area outside the latitude acceptance or the “comfort zone” is called the latitude of non-commitment then anything past that is the latitude of rejection. The farther away from the initial attitude of the message the less persuasion happens. One is more likely to open up and accept persuasion the closer it is to his latitude of non-commitment because this area is the closest to what one believes. On the other hand, if the message fell within the rejection area, all interest to the message would be gone. The individual will blow of the message completely and not care because of how far away it is from his beliefs. In other words, messages that are within the latitude of non-commitment are the messages that are the most persuasive and could possibly alter the individuals original attitude to the issue.

This commercial that I chose is an AT&T commercial that is trying to convince the viewers that with their products and their network one will get better and faster usage. We see in the commercial and adult male sitting around a table with a group of young kids. He proceeds to ask the kids if they think fast or slow is better, they all agree that faster is a better. Then he starts asking what types of things are fast and what types of things are slow and what can they do to make the slow things faster. The kids all give their opinions and one kid rambles on about how to make his grandma faster. The commercial then ends with a male voice coming across saying it’s not complicated, faster is better then him saying that with AT&T network and product is better then any others companies products or network.

Personally I do not feel that AT&T is the fastest network out there and I use their competitors network, Verizon. However, I do not really care because I will still stick with my network over AT&T. With this commercial my attitude of the message is probably a -1 with tolerance of +2, therefore this commercial did not really change my opinion other then the fact that I thought that the kids were a cute touch to the commercial. What I got from the advertisement is that if one were to use their network they will have a faster and better network and to not over think the situation because it is not complicated. 


-Jessica Rodenbeck 

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