Social Judgement theory

The theory I have chosen is the Social Judgment Theory. It operates on a scale of -3 to 3, 0 is indifferent and everyone has an anchor point. Social Judgment Theory also illustrates how people compare their personal positions on issues to other people’s positions. People determine there point on the line and then plot it on the number line in unison with their anchor point, based on their latitudes of acceptance, non-commitment, and judgment.
A person has an anchor point and then has an attitude of acceptance. In the latitude of acceptance a person can place things in this area that they find acceptable and/or are comfortable with. The issues that fall outside the latitude of acceptance is the latitude of non-commitment which is basically saying that you are unsure or indifferent. A person who has an issue land here may be more persuaded here than in rejection. People feel more comfortable here; it is like they are sitting on the fence. After the latitude of non-commitment is the latitude of rejection which if you filter something that comes through to that area you will not even give it a chance, you feel uncomfortable with it and it is something that you will not accept. It is not surprising to see that in the latitude of non-commitment compared to the latitude of rejection that the latitude of non-commitment is more likely to persuade someone to that person’s way. The further you get away from a person’s latitude of acceptance the harder time you will have to persuade them in your direction. For instance a person telling you something you accept will have no real impact on your thinking because you agree and it is in your comfort zone, a person telling you something that is in your non-commitment area is more likely to be persuaded but will be more uncomfortable, and finally the rejection area, a person is more likely to immediately dismiss this because they are uncomfortable or appalled at what you have to say on it.
I chose this Google chrome ad because I wanted to analyze it with the social judgment theory. My anchor point is a 1 for chrome for it is not my preferred browser or my preferred method in contacting people via webcam. My latitude of acceptance is between 0 and 2, my latitude of non-commitment between a 0 and -2 and my latitude of rejection is -3. This ad was amusing but did not tell me all things the chrome browser can use, I rate it at a -2. The ad was cute but that was about it. This message I can see being persuasive to someone looking for a new browser or someone who is unsure. The ad does not show all the features of chrome which I think hurts it and one looks for many things in choosing a browser for searching the interwebs.

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