Southwest Airlines Spring Campaign-Welcome Aboard

The Southwest Airlines uses their ad campaign that “tells the story of how Southwest became America’s largest domestic airline. Their ad campaign spotlights the recent product improvements made during flight including in-flight-WiFi, live TV, new Boeing jets and changes to the carrier’s Rapid Rewards frequent-flier program. The ads were kicked off March 19th during the opening game of the NCAA Tournament and ran during all rounds of the Tournament. The ad itself includes a 60-second launch spot that highlights how the airline has continually strived to be better for its customers. However in other national ads, their focus will be to show the carrier’s frequent-flier program and on its in-flight experience and also cover the WiFi availability to their customer. This ad campaign was aired for eight weeks and its main focus is to show that Southwest Airlines is the largest domestic airlines and has been for a very long time. They care about their passengers needs and desires and are constantly wanting to change and improve to better accommodate for their customers.
This Campaign can be categorized as a public relations campaign, and is in the category of corporate issue advocacy. The reason why this is a public relation campaign is because according the our text it “generates awareness and sale” ,also it relates to its public and it is showing its concern for their customers issues and strive to better their flight accommodating those issues.. A public relation campaign is intended to improve public relations, and this campaign does just that. It strives to better its company in order to better the experience for their customers.
I feel like this campaign is currently in the promotion stage because it has already taken effective steps to plan, mobilize resources, and to secure legitimacy and is in the position to promote their campaign to their audience. In this stage they are able to open the eyes to those who are still close minded about this airline. They are reaching out to all types of individuals to show that they are the largest domesticated airlines and that they care for their costumers well being while in-flight. However, I do believe that their campaign can always be revamped and re-planned because their will always be something new that they airline will want to improve to better accommodate their customer. Through this campaign as, Southwest Airlines want their audience to identify with the commercial by using their well planned out story line to promote their cause and their concern for their costumers well being.
The audience of this campaign as commercial is a wide range of individuals and its purpose is to reach out to the general public to tell their life long story in a way that they can relate to personally. In the commercial, we see various individuals from a basketball player to a business women and how they all fly on the same airline. There is no standards that are needed to use this airline and in fact they want their audience to know that by telling their underline story of being the largest domestic airline.
This campaign is persuasive by how it targets a wide range of individuals and stating that they are the largest domestic airline. This campaign is a positive campaign and that also plays along with its persuasive message to their audiences and stating the airlines improvements and their desire to better their airline in order to accommodate to their costumers. When the audience see this campaign, they see a happy, stable, and enjoyable airline that they will trust to fly with. They want the audience to believe in their story they are telling in the commercial and to persuade you to use their airline based off of your experience with their story.

Jessica Rodenbeck

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