The campaign that I chose for this message evaluation is one that Coca Cola has recently started call 5 by 20. The Focus of 5 by 20 is the empowerment of women throughout the world by helping them start their own business and become part of ones that already exist. 5 by 20 stands for the goal of Coca-Cola to empower 5 million women through business establishment and assistance by the year 2020. These steps are taken and achieved through training, financial support, and network connections.
I think that this campaign through Coca-Cola is a Public Relations campaign and more specifically a corporate issue advocacy (Persuasive Campaigns). America is at a point where obesity is a huge problem and one of the main problems for obesity is junk food, including pop. The Coca-Cola Company is one of the most well-known pop producers, and therefore it needs to save some face in a time where their product is under fire for being unhealthy. I think that through this new campaign they are trying to draw focus away from their unhealthy product and draw the attention to a much more positive and inspiring campaign. Through this campaign to help 5 million women throughout the world become stronger and more independent by 2020 Coca-Cola is still getting their name out there and advertising but not in relation to their product necessarily.
The strategy that I think fits this campaign best is what is called facilitation, in which a foundation (Coca-Cola) reaches out to help communities through resources, such as training, monetary aid, and networking connections, in hopes that their help will better the communities (Persuasive Campaigns). In this specific ad Coca-Cola has helped this woman with her shop by giving her Coke products to sell and be giving her solar panels and lanterns in order to still operate at night. The woman is very grateful for that help that coke has given her and as a result you can tell that she has gained some confidence and is proud of her accomplishments.
I think that the 5 by 20 campaign is in the promotion stage, in that it has done part of the work by starting the campaign and spreading the word about it but in order to complete its’ goal by 2020, there is a lot of work that still has to be done. Through the promotion of this campaign awareness will be raised, more resources may become available, and the goals will become easier to achieve with more resources. Steps still need to be taken in order to locate women in countries all over the world that need help in order to better their lives and their communities, promotion through commercials such as the one I am using will help in accomplishing these steps.
I think that this campaign is very persuasive and is a great way for the Coca-Cola Company to spend some its profit. This campaign is targeted at women, who want to help empower other women throughout the world because they know that there is an inequality that exists. I think that age group targeted here would be from around the age of around twenty and up, I think that the target age is a very wide range because young women have to be aware of the issues around the world enough to understand that there is a need there. Generally that awareness comes about in college and grows throughout adulthood; therefore I think that the target audience age can include a fairly large and varied group of women. I think women will respond well to this message but I do think that it would be a good idea for Coca-Cola to include their partnerships in this campaign so that women who may not be Coca-Cola consumers so that they will still be able to donate resources that can be used to help women throughout the world.
-Miranda Haifley

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