A Better World

The advertisement that I have chosen is a Barack Obama advertisement that was done when he was trying to be elected for his second term.  This campaign could be considered a Public Relations Campaign, because this ad wants to create an awareness of what President Obama’s plans to make America better.  The Specific Public Relations Campaign is the Corporate Issue Advocacy, since this strategy is all about choosing a public stand on this controversial issue.  Choosing which political party someone wants to stand with is a very big part of a person’s life.  Picking a side on a controversial issue sometimes means that you have a certain outlook on politics, since both the republicans and democrats have their idea about each major controversial issue in our society, that will basically be determined by what political party you chose and by how much you stand those beliefs that the political party will steer one in the right direction.    

 I would say that this campaign is in the Activation stage of his reelection.  The detailed action plan of the activation step says that this part of the step is when the campaign makes the voters realize what the consequences of choosing that person will be for the voter themselves.  In this ad Obama seeks to pay down the debt by making the wealthy pay more, also the middle class will become strengthened through this idea.  He describes how education and clean energy are a part of his plan to help America out of its current recession.  He is making standard good points that will make the voters follow him for his good ideas.  I would find this technique effective since he is not bringing up any ideas that could make him look bad to the people he wants to vote for him.

The audiences for this ad were those who can vote in that current election.  Using his plans as an agent to help persuade the voters was a decision that most of the politicians use to get voted.  The difference is that he is using those plans currently even though he wasn’t voted to his second term.  I would think that it would help the voters in understanding what he plans to do in order to help our country even though they are being used right now.  Assuming that many people believe that all politicians lie at one point or another, I would say that this message worked just fine since our society does not have a choice.  The voters could have decided that the situation they were in could not get worse so he is used as a scapegoat.  So the message that he could help everyone out once he becomes president could be seen as just what this country needs.  The campaign through these efforts to persuade their audience is seems to be very well thought out or at least it won’t make the people think that he is a bad candidate to pick due to his ideas that he has presented.    

 -Bryan Saunders

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