Above the Influence

The advertisement I have chosen to analyze for this message evaluation is a commercial from the series of “Above the Influence” advertisements.  This commercial is titled “Flat—anti pot ad.”  Above the influence campaign has a slew of commercials and advertisements that inform adolescents and teens it’s all right to be yourself and stay above the influence of drugs, alcohol, bullying and more.   

            This advertisement is an example of an indoctrination campaign.  The objective of this advertisement is to inform adolescents and teens about the dangers of using drugs.  They use real life stories of how teens rise above the influence and turn down drugs.  Some indoctrination campaigns are known for using mind control, propaganda, as well as subliminal persuasion to influence audiences.  I don’t believe that this particular indoctrination campaign implements those forms of persuasion in this Above the Influence campaign, due to the fact that teens’ staying above the influence of drugs is irrefutably essential.

            This Above the Influence campaign is currently in both the activation stage as well as the penetration stage.  This particular Above the Influence commercial uses visuals to get the understanding of what pot can do to you.  Towards the end of the commercial abovetheinfluence.com comes across the screen for those who would like to seek help or how you can stay about the influence of drugs.  This would be a display of the detailed action plans incorporated in the activation stage.  This allows the audience to seek help and learn about being above the influence. 

            The penetration stage is also apparent throughout the Above the Influence campaign, because Above the Influence uses real life stories from teens in their campaign.  Abovetheinfluence.com shares real life stories about drugs, alcohol, bullying and more, so teens can relate and realize the importance of staying above the influence through tragedy of others.  The individuals who have fallen under the influence have become persuaders to others.  This then leads other individuals to share their personal stories, and the importance of staying about the influence. 

            I feel that this advertisement as well as the entire Above the Influence campaign is persuasive towards its audience.  This “Flat—anti pot ad” commercial shows teens what pot can do to you.  It shows that it changes you into a different person; it makes you “flat,” being unable to talk and be social with friends.  It also shows that the people around you can tell that pot changes you into a different person, or lack of person.  When teens see this commercial they can relate to either someone they know that has become “flat” from pot use, or they can relate by not wanting to become “flat” from pot use.  Also, teens who once engaged in using pot, and have since risen about the influence are aware of the person they used to be and do not want to become that person ever again. 

            I believe that this commercial is very persuasive to the teen audience.  It shows teens that being influenced to smoke pot is not cool.  You are not the same person you were before engaging in the use of pot; therefore, staying above the influence of pot is the cool thing to do.  No one wants to be “flat” and be perceived by his or her friends or peers in that manner either.  This commercial really puts in perspective of how pot affects you by showing Sara as a flattened person, because although physically pot does not flatten you, but in all other aspect is does. 

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