Don’t Do It Because It May Be Your Last

Texting and driving, when we hear about this, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Accidents, injuries, or worse even death. We all have probably texted behind the wheel once and tell ourselves “just this once” and “I won’t ever do it again”, but then what do you do. You do it again. We put ourselves in denial everyday where we do not want to hear that it’s wrong, but know that it is. Parkview’s Don’t Text and Drive campaign, which is what my group is actually doing for our project, is a very definable campaign that takes great lengths to show loss and a great significance in how damaging an accident can become from one tiny text message. They are very involved in teens’ lives. I chose a campaign commercial that is short and simple and gets the point across that also doesn’t lose the viewers attention because come on everyone sees a lot of don’t text and drive commercials. In the end just don’t care to watch anymore. This campaign is indoctrination because it is informational and educational. Some may say it can be propaganda, but those are probably the ones that are in denial like. It is like smoking, people do it even though they know it’s bad and a lot of people simply don’t want to hear it especially on their television screen. The steps used were the Follow Through stage and the Penetration stage. Both simply are the ending product to what was planned where the advertisers and invertors see the product in motion and comes to terms with it, as well as jumping on board with the no texting and driving campaign because it sends or engrains the message on the people that watch it. It is persuasive to the audience of teens and beginner drivers. The ad shows a glimpse of a full front car collision and in the end says don’t text and drive then drive turns into die. It makes you think that in that one second text can cost you your life. It puts that message in your mind for a moment and lets you think, which the whole persuasive idea of the campaign is. A mother planned this commercial after her child died in a texting and driving accident. I think the audience can receive this message well because like I said before this ad is a powerful reminder but at the same time simple to comprehend and easily understood that even by glancing at the screen you would know what the commercial was about. Putting that reminder in a person’s mind can possibly save a life before they take the road. I strongly believe that this commercial ad for this campaign can be improved through possibly a stronger image involved or a longer action being taken place then just a glimpse of a right before car collision. Overall Parkview keeps pressing forward with their campaigns in hopes of touching and educating lives of teen drivers to not only that, but also to save a life in the process.

-Ashton Dorsey

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