Human Rights Campaign: Dawn of a New Day

With all the media coverage and talk of marriage equality, I have chosen an ad produced by the Human Rights Campaign. The commercial features Morgan Freeman speaking about how our nation has gone through changes in order to become a better place, he then goes on to say that to continue this trend we need to legalize same-sex marriage. This type of campaign would be considered an indoctrination campaign because it is attempting to educate and inform its viewers. Also the campaign is trying to persuade its audience to adopt their view on marriage equality if they haven’t already. I would have to say that this campaign has made it to the Promotion stage while still in the Planning and Legitimation stages as the campaign progresses. Campaigns, as colossal as these, should be constantly going through multiple stages at once to ensure the most effective outcome. The campaign is still in the Promotion stage for the fact that they are working to spread the message of marriage equality in order to gain much needed support from the American people to change the restrictions of “traditional marriage.”

The Human Rights Campaign’s Youtube channel has many videos of celebrities backing this campaign in order to legitimize the goals of the organization. This is very important to any organization: especially one that is trying to change the way people think about something so sacred and unchanged for so many years. But by having clear goals from expected outcomes to the bare minimums expectations the campaign can have a better frame for crafting their messages.  Using Morgan Freeman in this commercial only adds to the numerous amounts of highly praised performers and artists on which this organization depends so highly for its credibility.

This commercial is a very persuasive message because it is a power-packed message that does not take long to explain the purpose. By using the example of Martin Luther King Jr. iconic speech, the ad shows how America has changed for the better. The strong patriotism is another aspect of persuasiveness the campaign is using in order tie these big-name celebrities to the average American.

In the ad Freeman says that”… human dignity guided our journey to a more perfect union.” By this, he is saying that if you have any dignity then you will understand that people should be married to whoever they love regardless of sex. With this dignity, we have to reshape the way our country looks at how marriage is defined.  Overall this message was very well thought out by the Human Rights Campaign. By the execution of the commercial, it is evident that the Planning stage of this campaign is an ongoing process. They must constantly monitor the feedback of their other messages and being able to appeal to a broad audience, since they are trying to conform the opinions of the majority of the nation to their ideals. It is never an easy task for any social group to finally get to their main goal but in order to achieve such a feat the group must diligently push out persuasive messages such as this one.

– Phill Taner

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