Juilianne Hough is the spokeswoman for the new and improved proactive. Proactiv’s new campaign talks about their new and improved product that is now faster and gentler than ever before! Proactiv ad campaigns have been going on for a number of years and now in 2010 when this commercial was uploaded, they took their already successful product and made it more improved. Proactiv has always put a celebrity in their ad campaigns from Justin Bieber to Jessica Simpson. Their commercials say they are the number one acne treatment formula worldwide and by judging how long they have been around I do not doubt it is the highest selling. I used proactive back in the day and it did not work for me; that being said it does give you a nice glow. Now, back to the ad; I believe this campaign can be categorized into the public relations campaign and is in the category of the corporate issue advocacy. It is a public relations campaign because according to our reading it “generates awareness and sales”. The campaign also shows it is caring about its customers because, they just made the product ‘new and improved’ for a ‘faster effect and gentler skin’. Public relations try to improve the brand, make it marketable and relatable to their customers, and with this commercial it succeeds in those areas.

The campaign is in its promotion stage because it has taken the steps to plan, mobilize, and secure legitimacy, it is in a powerful position to promote itself to a wide audience. In the commercial they show a dance champion and singer, Julianne Hough who struggles with acne to this day! It also shows how the product is an improved formula set to be faster working and gentler on customer’s skins. Then in the second half of their commercial they bring out a wide range of individuals to show how proactive has helped fight their acne. These individuals are non-celebrities and show before and after pictures of how Proactiv has improved their lives. The Proactiv formula can always be tweaked and worked with to better serve their customer’s skin and destroy their acne. It shows how there advanced micro-crystal medicine helps clear out people pores. Proactiv wants there audience to relate to the commercial and by using their product which is all new and improved it will give them clear skin. The new and improved Proactiv just shows that they are keeping up with their customers and listening to them to better serve their needs.

The audience of the campaign is everyone who struggles with acne. In the beginning when Julianne Hough is talking she says “acne can take the joy out of so many things like pictures and dates.” She is relating to a teenage demographic here and a younger audience. When you think you know who they are targeting, Pam comes in who is 38 years young and is telling us how ‘effective’ this product is; she is also accompanied by a before and after shot. The commercial then shows a 30 and 22 year old woman. Justin then comes in as a 25 year old male, also accompanied by a before and after shot and tells how effective Proactiv has been for him. In the commercial Proactiv shows how celebrities use it, as well as everyday folks. Their product is not just for younger people but also for older and more mature women and men. The campaign is persuasive because it shows how all these people of different genders and age groups were helped by Proactiv. When an audience sees this campaign they see people who have had there lives changed by Proactiv and they want to feel sexy as well.

-Sawyer Zirbel

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