Michelle Walker for BET Rap It Up


Michelle Walker for BET Rap It Up

The advertisement I have chosen to analyze for this message evaluation is a commercial from a TV network called BET. The advertisement campaign is called “Rap- it- up”.  This commercial is titled “Michelle Walker for BET Rap It Up.”  The Rap- it- up campaign has a myriad of commercials and advertisements that inform adolescents, teens and even mature adult’s that it is imperative for us as human beings that we use the given knowledge and awareness to help protect our ourselves against life threatening diseases such as the HIV/AIDS virus.

 This advertisement is an example of an indoctrination campaign. I say this because the definition says that indoctrinating is the “act of or teaching or inculcating a doctrine, principle, or ideology, especially one with a specific point of view.”

The objective of this advertisement is to inform adolescents, teens and mature adults about the great potential dangers from having unprotected sex.  In their commercials they try to use real life situations in which the common person can relate to.  Some indoctrination campaigns are known for using publicity, mind control, propaganda, as well as subliminal persuasion to influence audiences.  However, I don’t believe that this particular indoctrination campaign implements those forms of persuasion in this Rap – it- up campaign.

This Rap- it- up campaign is currently in both the activation stage as well as the penetration stage.  This particular Rap- it- up commercial uses visuals as well as a brief dialog to get the understanding of how serious having unprotected sex is and how it can drastically change ones’ life completely! Towards the end of the commercial BET.com/rap- it- up appears and the phone number and information to speak to a representative also comes across the screen for those who would like to seek help or how one can better educate themselves’ and others about the risks of having unprotected sex.  This would be a display of the detailed action plans incorporated in the activation stage.  This is vital because it allows the audience to seek help and learn about to be protected from the HIV/AIDS virus.

I feel that this advertisement as well as the entire Rap- it- up campaign is very persuasive towards its audience.  I believe that this commercial is very persuasive to not only the teen audience but also to the adult audiences as well! They know that HIV/AIDS virus is very serious and life threatening so should it be made aware to mature audience. It shows regular everyday individuals that having unprotected sex is not cool and could potentially not only hurt you but the ones around you.  HIV/AIDS is a serious issue because although it may be treatable, it is still not curable. No one wants to be a statistic of yet another sad but preventable death. That is why this ad is tries to influence your thoughts and awareness so that you think before the next time you just lay in bed with someone. You would never know unless
you decided to get tested.  This commercial really puts in perspective of how serious it is to protect ourselves while persuading the audience to take the proper steps to maintaining a healthy and strong lifestyle!


By Juan Sanchez


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