The More You Know

The More You Know– You’ve seen them before… You’ve seen them 4 times during one episode of The Office. It’s NBC’s campaign on small changes that make a can make a giant impact on our world. Typically these are referred to as PSA or Public Service announcements.

Go green–

This clip is recently found on NBC encouraging viewers to just simply turn off the lights when you walk out of a room. You can save energy, and then Kim Jeong jokes– look mysterious.

 The author’s of Persuasive Campaigns refers to 7 steps of the campaign plan, and of these steps there are three main ones that obviously effect this type of campaign.

The first is in the planning stage, NBC must plan out what actors and what message they are going to give. Usually they show all the PSA’s in one week, so for this one it would be Green is Universal week, but for others they have done a health week too. Their planning involves the goal as previously stated.

The next one involves legitimizing the leader– an actor from the popular show Community, but that isn’t the only people the get for the PSA’s. Natalie Morales, Al Roker, Alison Sweeney and Nick offerman are just a few of the famous faces making the Green is Universal campaign a success. This is similarly described in the Activation plan having to do with creating an identity. The main differences is that the identity created in in the action has more to do with the title of the campaign being something everyone is aware of– similar to CBS’ campaign titled CBS Cares.

The next step–  promotion applies to how NBC Universal get’s their message out. They focus on a simple promotion not urging people to be a part of something big but to do something big makes their campaign effective. Their plan focuses on continuity in the camping process from beginning to end. All of the video’s are the same in look feel and message. They focus on making one change, rather than many, or one big change.

Subliminal messages–

The more you know campaigns have been around for many years, so naturally when your favorite NBC star comes on camera you know the short PSA is what will ensue.

Kim Jeong’s message of turning off lights is an applicable for many people because it’s just a light switch. The whole The More You Know campaign works because it’s about simple steps that if everyone take can accomplish great things.

These subliminal messages embody the “nationalism ideology where… Uniting a group of people around it guiding beliefs and values”, where these values are going green.

In persuasive campaigns, subliminal messaging is referred to as somewhat pseudo  science, where many critics don’t find it possible. The text gives the example of popcorn and coke in movies, and for NBC it’s their three second tag at the end where a star flies in and The More You Know tune plays. It’s not the typical subliminal messages you think of, but they are ones that almost everyone see’s and usually make fun of. That’s what makes this PSA different from all the rest. For Kim, the joke is in him forgetting the classic tag, as well as saying darker light will add to your mystery. Who doesn’t want to be mysterious?This campaign works because of it’s simplicity and ability to reach so many people without being overbearing.

Megan Little

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