The Signs are Everywhere, No Smoking Indoors

http:// chose a television ad from the campaign Breath Easy Indiana, which is a campaign to reduce second-hand smoke in Indiana through campaigning to pass laws that make smoking in public establishments illegal. As of July 1st, 2012 it is illegal to smoke in most public places and places of employment. It is also illegal to smoke within 8ft of a public entrance to a public place or place of employment.

The Breath Easy campaign is in the promotion and activation stages of their campaign. Breath Easy Indiana has already planned out, mobilized and legitimized their campaign. There is now a law that protects people and workers in public places from the harms of second-hand smoke. Breath Easy has already created a recognizable identity for its campaign through its various forms of advertising and its connection to the smoking ban. Just mentioning the phrase Breath Easy brings to mind the smoking ban now in effect. They have also established credibility through the content of their message, which is protecting Indiana’s citizens, and their association with this law. They have a winning case, the negative effects of second-hand smoke are irrefutable and this law protects many innocent people from the dangers of second-hand smoke. Breath Easy has continued support from key decision makers; the campaign is still pursing the same goals after the passage of the law so they have not lost any support from the decision makers. Breath Easy has already made detailed action plans and preliminary commitments, in the activation stage, which can be seen in the passage of the statewide smoking ban. They are currently following through and penetrating. Breath Easy continues to make ads that inform and remind the public of the smoking ban. The campaign has successfully penetrated Indiana, people recognize the name of the campaign and what it stands for.

I believe that this campaign is an example of a public relations campaign, specifically a crisis management campaign. The crisis was the health risks that the people of Indiana were facing in public places and places of employment. However, this does not seem to be a crisis of an administration but a crisis of the people. The crisis is being managed through the passing of the smoke free air law and the Breath Easy campaign.

This ad seems to be a reminder of the statewide smoking ban and its importance, it states, “Since July 1st Hoosiers have been breathing easier. That’s because of the new statewide smoke free air law. Indiana is working to make smoke free air available in all public places. Every worker deserves to be protected from second-hand smoke. Remember be considerate and not smoke indoors because the Indiana smoke-free air law will be enforced. “ I believe that for the purpose of the ad it is persuasive. It serves as a reminder of why the law was passed, because every worker deserves protection from second-hand smoke. It also serves to inform people who may not know or who may not take the law seriously that it will be enforced, this part of the ad is narrated over a clip of a police officer. The ad concludes with information as to where violations can be reported, giving the public a way to enforce the law. The target audience of this advertisement is everyone in Indiana, smokers and nonsmokers. It is a reminder to smokers to “be courteous” and that it is illegal to smoke in public places. It also informs people of where to report violators of the law, which can affect everyone in Indiana. I think the ad could be improved could be improved slightly; I thought that the message was persuasive but the images that they used were not. I did not recognize most of the signs that they showed that depict the new smoking ban. I think that if they had chosen signs that were recognizable across the entire state that it would have been more persuasive. I also did not recognize the landmarks and places shown in the beginning of the ad. However, I can’t tell if I did not recognize them because I have not lived in the state for very long or if they are not very popular.

Lexi Welborn

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