Message evaluation 4- Kacy Schinnerer

     For this assignment I chose Mercedes Benz 2012 electronic ad. What they did was an outdoor campaign in Berlin, Germany. The objective of this event was to demonstrate how much space the new vans had. So JCDecaux placed twelve interactive billboards in the underground stations. This was the location picked because in Berlin, this is the most common way of traveling because people generally drive and park their cars, and then use the underground stations for travel around the city. The way that these interactive billboards were activated were people walking by had to take out their electronic car key, no matter the brand of car, and point it in the general direction of the billboard. This activated the billboard and then a Mercedes van came on the screen and the doors slide open and silly people came out of the doors in multiples. Some examples of this were large numbers of bouncy balls came tumbling out, a woman body builder, a robot, and many more.

            The point of this ad was to show how much room each of these vehicles had. And they showed this by the objects and people they put in the vans. Some of the people were even lucky enough to win a luxury trip if they activated the billboard and nothing came out of the van. This meant then that they had won.

            I personally think that the message of the vans being very spacious was noticeable in this interactive ad in Berlin. The point was very straightforward in showing how much room was actually there, just by the people that they had in the van. There must be a lot of room if a car full of showgirls can fit, in costume, into a van. They made the ad in a very creative way also in my opinion. This type of ad is not normal. It catches your eye, and the whole idea of having it more personal with every visit, because of the vast options that could be coming out of the van, makes it personal and people like that. When people see others doing a new and exciting thing like this, they seem to be more open to try themselves.

            Another thing that I admired about this add was how they made a way for people to win. So people always like free things, so just by pressing your car button, you have a change to win a luxury vacation; many people wont resist the idea just to try. And in the process, many people will not win, but its to Mercedes advantage because they are still getting their message across because people stand and wait to see it they win or not.

            In conclusion, I think that Mercedes Benz used a very good strategy to demonstrate how much space their newest vans have over other vans. They used the idea of interactive-ness, the idea of a new way to show ads, and the incentive of a free vacation. All of these components together, lead to a very successful advertisement. And maybe we were just introduced to a new way to see ads in the near future. 

Kacy Schinnerer

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