One For One

One for one, one pair of shoes for one simple life changing opportunity. To make a change or a difference can impact more lives than you may know. When thinking of a child stepping on soil that can cause them pain or even sickness does not sit well with most. Toms one for one campaign has been around for some time, but is still growing with its incredible movement throughout the world. So many cultures in our world needs someone to care for them and that’s exactly what Blake Mycoskie set out to do with the world with a dream he had a while back growing up. Toms one for one movement is a campaign where when you purchase a pair of shoes another pair is given to a child in need, whether that is in Honderous, Uganda, or even Haiti where I have been and seen children wearing Toms and working with their campaign over the past year. Not only do you do that though you also help spread the word to future customers who ask about your shoes when wearing them around to places. They come in so many different styles where it can be suitable for anyone and the shoes given to the children are very durable and lasting. The audience for this product can be anyone from mothers who buy them for their infants to the elderly. They can be for men or women as well with again their various styles that keep up with the latest fashion out there.
One concept from the reading we went over in class that is clearly stated in this ad campaign is from the article Analyzing Product Advertising by Simons and Jones. This ad can be an example of a pseudo non-ad where the ad can be put into an interviewing type ad where one person interviews the buyer of the product in which how they like it and proving that this product is not a scam and the shoes really do go to the children like the ad says it does. On the Tom’s website it shows thirty second clips of when people went on a shoe drop to deliver the shoes to the children with providing people with a reassurance this is exactly what it is said to be. That you’re not just going to buy the pair of shoes and never know where the other pair went to or even if there was another pair going to a child. It makes the buyers of the product feel more comfortable about the product before purchasing it. Another type of ad would be the knowing wink ads because in the campaign there are certain ways you can express your love for the product like the “day without shoes” day. It is where people walk barefoot in order to prove that when walking barefoot we take a stand so children don’t have to. This is where the person or people talk to you and it refers to yourself saying well you do not walk barefoot so why do they type scenario.
The persuasion on this product is very persuasive. I mean let’s be honest here their cute little children in need, were suckers for that. Especially women who see that will jump right on that. Look at me for example I have four pairs of Toms and still buying. I love the product, there comfortable, nice winter and summer shoes with their wide selection, and better yet I give a child a pair that’s in need. Personally I do not think one thing about this campaign needs to be changed at all. I think it is a really awesome movement they are doing to change lives and is very successful in the process. Did I mention they are also doing sunglasses? You buy a pair of sunglasses and in return someone with bad sight gets a chance to see again. I mean talk about WOW! Of course the sunglasses are a little more expensive, but still gives the buyer a little more incentive to buy that product because they already bought a pair of shoes to help out. That’s a whole different product, but still is worthy to be mentioned.
Overall this campaign just rocks my socks off and should make yours rock too! For one man to start a business with shoes when there is so many different shoe companies and brands out there this was quite the success. He wasn’t even looking for competition in his product, but now Toms is one of the best known culture wide named brand of shoe because it has a mission and a purpose. We want to make a change in our lives and well this just gives us that small opportunity to make that possible which is why I chose this product campaign to be a perfect contemporary cultural example of a product in advertisement.

-Ashton Dorsey

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