The Hopper!!

For my last and final message evaluation I have decided to analyze the Dish Hopper advertisements. These advertisements have been airing on television for maybe over a year now and are hilarious. The commercials all depict the same family and what having “The Hopper” does to improve their lives. The main character of the advertisements is an older man who looks to be grandpa and appears to run the show. The point of the advertisements is to show the audience that if one owns Dish’s Hopper they too, can watch their favorite shows anywhere, anytime. The product being sold is the Dish Hopper. A product that lets everyone in the family watch their favorite shows, on any device, anywhere! The audience this product is directed towards looks to be older adults, since more than likely they would be the ones purchasing the product. But, with that said the advertisements also direct themselves towards young children and young adults, almost about anyone with a sense of humor. I say this because of all the humor and family activities seen inside the commercials. They are funny and age appropriate for anyone. A concept that can be found within these advertisements is propaganda. Propaganda has several different definitions both positive and negative. It can be seen in many different forms such as: tabloids, Presidential campaigns, media coverage over crisis in the world and/or everyday advertisements. Propaganda is viewed as a systematic, motivated attempt to influence a person’s way of thinking and/or behaviors (Marlin, 2002). The propaganda that can be found in the Hopper advertisements is their use of displaying a product that the whole family can enjoy and how it outweighs the competitors. The commercials are funny and every time they come on I have to watch them. This could be an example of propaganda in that the advertisements use humor and a family setting to suck people in. Also, the ads show an average family connecting through a product and if one was to purchase “The Hopper” maybe their family too, could connect more. Even though most think of negative things when the word propaganda is spoken these advertisements do the opposite. Although, the point is to get people to switch to Dish they do it in a friendly, funny and inviting way. Propaganda can be seen as rumors or lies, but in this case it just shows what could be if one were to purchase this product. Another concept that branches off of propaganda is the fallacy of authority. This fallacy is a means of relying exclusively on the authority of a supporter to persuade an audience or opponent (Kelsey Kearl, 2013). This fallacy can be seen through the grandpa throughout the advertisements. He looks to be an authority figure within the family by the way he tells people what to do in a couple ads and by just being grandpa in general. This fallacy is seen because grandpa supports the Hopper but, does not like to be bothered when enjoying it and lets it be known throughout a couple ads. Also, with grandpa being a supporter of the product and main character within the advertisements it gains the audience’s attention and possibly could persuade them to purchase the Hopper. Another example I see in the advertisements is getting grandpa’s approval of whether or not he is enjoying the product, which in return reinforces the rest of the family that the product is worthwhile. These advertisements I think are effective in reaching the audience. This could be the simple fact that every time I watch the ads I laugh my butt off and cannot wait to see them again. That statement right there has all the persuasion. If a person watches a commercial and cannot wait for it to air again the persuasive aspect has had an influence on that person. Also, discussing the commercial with others shows persuasion as well as quoting words spoken within the ad. Another aspect that made these advertisements effective in their persuasiveness was using the grandpa as a main character. That man cracks me up every time. Remembering details from an ad and wanting to view it again says persuasion all over it. Another way to see if persuasion was effective in these ads would be to view how many people actually switched to Dish to get the Hopper or purchased it for their first television provider. These ads in my opinion are very compelling because of all the humor within them, but one thing that may make them even better would possibly be to make them longer than thirty-one seconds. But, this is probably what makes them enjoyable commercials because they are not long and drawn out. The Hopper advertisements are hilarious and display quite a bit of persuasion as well as propaganda to get people to buy the product. In the end I might purchase a Hopper just for the simple fact of how much I enjoy that grandpa!
Kaitlyn Everett

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