AT&T It’s Not Complicated

For the final message evaluation of the year, I chose to use one of the many trending commercials aired by AT&T. These videos take place in what appears to be a kindergarten of some kind. The man usually asks the children questions and they give him outrageous answers like most kids their age would.
In this video, the man asks the kids if they would rather play basketball in a big, fancy stadium or a small driveway. The children raise their hands, and the man calls on a boy who replies, “A big fancy stadium.” When the man asks why, one girl says, “Because you can fit more fans in there.” The man then asks her if she has a lot of fans to which she says, “Yes.” He then asks her if she’s confident in herself to which she confidently acknowledges him. To this he praises her and gives her a high five. Another girl raises her hand, and when the man gives her a high five she says, “No I meant to raise my hand.” The man then says, “Oh,” and proceeds to give another boy a high five. The commercial ends with a voiceover saying, “It’s not complicated. Bigger is better, and AT&T has the largest 4G network.”
Obviously the whole point of this commercial is to try to get people to switch their phone company to AT&T. The way that AT&T goes about this though is very interesting. The company has a man talking to children in what appears to be a kindergarten setting. With the amusing things that these kids say, it makes people think about how cute they are. It reminded me of the old TV show, Kids Say The Darndest Things. In every one of these commercials these children say humorous things which the commercial somehow relates back to something great about either AT&T’s phone service or special things that you can only do with your phone if you have service through them.
I believe that the target audience of these commercials is parents of older children. These parents are probably in their mid to late forties. I believe this to be true because if a parent were to watch a commercial like this, they could reminisce on a time when their child was young and said crazy things like these kids do. This would make them want to get AT&T because their commercials remind the parents of the good old days. Another reason that I believe these commercials are for middle-aged parents is because the commercials talk about how much better AT&T is. These commercials say things along the lines of, AT&T is the only network that allows you to do two things at once on your iPhone 5, and AT&T has the largest 4G network. This could make older parents think, “This Company must be the best.” This is not to say that middle aged parents are ignorant or that they would not research AT&T before switching to them, but the commercials are created to entertain and draw people in, and I think that this is the best group to focus on with this type of commercial.
Another group that this particular commercial of the series could be targeting are basketball fans. This is because the video was aired during the NCAA Tournament and is asking the kids about basketball. It also says something about being sponsored by the NCAA. This shows two things. One is that the NCAA sees promise in these commercials, and also that AT&T thinks that their commercials can pull in basketball lovers as well.
According to our readings, I think that this advertisement is a “Nothing is Better” Ad. This is because the entire ad is stating that your choice is so obvious and simple that you should switch to AT&T without a doubt. They then back up this claim by saying things like they are “The nation’s largest 4G network,” and that they are, “The only network that allows you to do two things on your iPhone 5 at one time.” This can be compared to Verizon’s claim of being “The nation’s fastest 4G network.” In short, AT&T is saying that they are obviously the best because they are faster, larger, and have more options for your iPhone 5 than any other network in the United States.
I think that this commercial does exactly what it was created to do. It is not only entertaining, but it also states what appears to be a fact about their company. Between the cuteness of the kids and the facts that they back up the children’s statements with, AT&T makes themselves seem like a very wise choice when choosing a phone company. I found this advertisement to be very entertaining, and recently switching to AT&T myself recently (for other reasons than these commercials) have found them to be more reliable and significantly better than the company that I had used before this. In conclusion I think that this commercial did exactly what it was supposed to and was very entertaining.

-Travis Wyss

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