The little mouse

On this my last and final message evaluation # 5, I have chosen to analyze one of the best TV commercial/ad made in 2010, at least, it was voted one of the best. When writing a commercial, you must make sure your audio and video match (watch toward the end, 0.52 with the song Rocky). AS you will see in this commercial, the writer did a great job matching the audio and the video together. I had never heard of Nolan’s Cheddar Cheese before I saw this ad, after watching it; I wanted to try some right away. This was an effected ad. The ad takes you on a journey about a little mouse that could; after eating some Nolan’s Cheddar Cheese. The main character of the commercial is a little mouse that just came out of his hole in the wall. The ad starts off with a song by the Carpenters, song by Karen, titled ‘Siting on top of the world’. The song is insinuating, that the little mouse life is great, and the mouse is setting on top of the world, because it’s about to eat some Nolan Cheddar Cheese. The point of the commercial is to demonstration to the audience, that if one eats some Nolan Cheddar cheese, they too, can be strong like the little mouse. The product that is being sold is Nolan Cheddar Cheese. This is a product that everyone in the family can eat, for the most part. The audience this product is concentrating on seems to be the whole family, since everybody in the family has a say so in what they want to eat, and for sure the one who is purchasing, or going to the store, to by the food. It appears that that the concept in this advertisement is propaganda. Propaganda has several different descriptions, it can be positive and, or negative. We see propaganda in a lot of ads like, campaign’s, TV coverage, and on the front pages of a newspaper. Systematic is sometimes seen as a way in which to motivate someone or attempt to influence someone to do what you want them to do. The propaganda that’s in this Nolan Cheddar Cheese commercial is their use of exhibiting the artifact that the whole family can eat and how it will make you stronger, after you eat the cheese. This ad could be an example of propaganda be because in this commercial, we all know that eating cheese want make you as strong as this mouse is, and humor is being used.

The commercial then goes on to show the audiences the little mouse eating the Nolan Cheddar Cheese, on the mouse trap, while the song ‘sitting on top of the world is still playing, and then POP!, the ad goes blank. The ad comes back on, and the little mouse is caught, in the mouse trap, with the new song now playing ‘The end’ by the doors. You can see the mouse is still alive; he’s breathing, but not much. . When we think off propaganda another concept that comes from propaganda is the fallacy of authority. The fallacy of authority is a resource of depend on completely the authority of a supporter to persuade a spectators or rival. This fallacy can be seen but not heard by the little mouse. The mouse looks like he knows what he is doing, when it comes to eating the cheese, he starts off on the side of the trap, and then ends up on top of the trap. There’s no question the mouse looks like he’s an authority figure when it comes to eating cheese. The add then shows the mouse weightlifting, after watching the little mouse barley breathing, the song Rocky starts, at the same time you see the little mouse starts working out, lifting the trap, getting a workout, perfect timing for the song Rocky! All of this took place after the little mouse ate some of the Nolan Cheddar Chasse. At the same time the little mouse is weightlifting he is looking at the Nolan Cheddar Cheese. It appears that not only will you be stronger after eating Nolan Cheddar Cheese; you also can be stronger just by looking at the cheese. If one can recall some of the specifics from an ad and if one can’t wait to see it again, that says a whole lot about the persuasion, of the ad. If you go out and tell all your friends about an ad that means it had a lot of persuasion on you. This was a great ad, and it did a wonderful job of persuasion, on me. Imagine if you have that kind of mouse in your house, and if there were a 100 of them, this ad to me, is just too funny. If the mouse can do that, he deserved that cheese. Mighty Mouse, at his best!

Donald E. Archey



(Kelsey Kearl,).

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