The whispered fight

For my last message evaluation for this class I have chosen an ad for Oreos.  The commercial is advertising their Oreo cookie on Instagram for their chose which side campaign.  The audience for this ad would be those who enjoy the cookie that they are trying to sell, which would be a good majority of people.  In the commercial everyone is in a library when these two guys at a table decide to have an argument of which side of the cookie is better, which everyone in the library decides to fight while whispering, including the firefighters and police, throughout the entire commercial.        

            Before I relate this ad to reading I want to explain what advertising is.  According to Justice Stewart it is “I know it when I see it”, but I prefer the definition of the people in the text “The systematic planning, implementation and control of a mix of business activities that are intended for the mutually advantageous exchange or transfer of products.”  To me it’s just the consumer attempting to convince a person to purchase a product.  Obviously there are numerous ways to persuade a person of an idea but to change their will to buy a product is where advertising comes into play.   

            For this Oreo advertisement I would say that it plays off of the advertising sale of the 1950-1970, which were the narcissism advertisements.  The ads that were done before this period were just said to improve the person or transform them into a better person.  After more research was conducted the advertisement research group noticed that playing off of people’s emotions, Pathos, were more effective than using the logical appeal, logos, to get consumers to buy their product.  The narcissism ads were recognized as using emotions to influence the purchase of the consumers.  The Oreo ad uses the emotion anger in the ad for the people to decide which of the side of the cookie is better.  It makes the consumer give into their curiosity of which is better, and once they decide which they prefer then it is expected that the person is supposed to stand for the side that they have chosen.  Maybe not to the severity of the commercial but it is still a pretty funny controversy if one were to look at it from a grown-up to kid standpoint.  To argue over which side of a cookie seems pretty silly, until the child inside is satisfied with the answer that their chose is the best; which is what I think the Oreo Company was going for.  Then again, this is an age old debate between friends and family of all ages, which brings me to the claim portion of this advertisement.   

               For the claim portion of the text the “we’re better claim” is as close as this ad gets for the hypercommunication section.  The “We’re better claim” are the type of ads that are made to have a comparison without actually completing the comparison.  An incomplete comparison that somehow makes the product better or different than another product that isn’t normally mentioned, but in this ad I would say that the comparison is with them.  The side of the cookie is the best type of cookie to be dipped in milk no doubt, which is what most of their commercials are normally about with their slogan “Milk’s favorite cookie”, but the argument here is which part of the cookie is the better side.  I assume that this is an idea to get the consumer to go out and buy a pack of Oreos just to remember what side they stand for.        

                 I feel a deep urge to obtain an Oreo when I watch the commercial due to the fact that I cannot remember the last time I had an Oreo.  The little kid inside wants to remember what side I stand on and feels like it needs to be reminded every time I see the commercial at all.  To peak the curiosity of the cookie in me seems to be a sign that the advertisement is a good and effective advertisement.  When people think about dipping a cookie into milk they think about Oreos not any other type of cookie unless the persons parents raised them without Oreo’s.  To say that the company has become successful is a major understatement seeing as it is one of the biggest cookie companies in the world, and the name of the company is a huge franchise.  Everyone that has seen the ad during the Super bowl of 2013 have remembered the whispering Oreo ad as one of the best commercials that Super bowl.  So I would say that the commercial advertisement of the whispering Oreo commercial was very effective and nothing, in my opinion, could make the ad more memorable or more compelling.            

-Bryan Saunders

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