Apple’s Photos Every Day Ad

Technology never ceases to be upgraded. Every year, competing companies will come out with the latest version of their top smart phones, computers, video games, etc. Regardless of the number of changes made to the technology, a company will still release an upgraded product a year after its initial release. We see this every year with all the big smart phone manufacturers: Apple, Samsung, HTC, and the few others. For my final message evaluation, I have decided to analyze an Apple iPhone 5 advertisement.  The advertisement is called “Photos Every Day” and was posted on Apple’s Youtube channel just a week ago. With 1.5 million views already, it is easy to say that advertising plays an important role in how Apple constructs their own image.

The ad shows many clips of people using the iPhone for its video and photo functions alone. The ad shows the phone being used in a variety of settings: during a bright, sunny day, during a gloomy rainy day, out in a field, on the beach near the ocean, inside during a packed concert, even while riding a skateboard. The goal of this is to show that no matter what kind of lifestyle you have the iphone’s camera/video function will work for you. If I were to guess the target audience of this message, I would say that this message is aimed at Caucasian teenagers and young adults. Throughout the entire ad the iPhone is being held by a younger white person (with the exception of a couple scenes) while doing activities that are considered youthful, i.e. skateboarding, jumping on the bed, traveling, and attending concerts.

 I find it interesting that they made three or four scenes showing the talent taking and editing pictures of their food. A common occurrence among young people is taking pictures of their “well-prepared” food and posting for all their friends to see and talk about on the social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This has been poked fun at on television shows and even in songs, showing that it has a big enough fan base that it was important for Apple to put those three or four clips in for the massive amounts of people who follow the trend of “culinary photography”. In order to end the commercial, a narrator speaks the only line of the commercial while the clips continue. The only line that is said in this advertisement is “Every day more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.”

Taking a look at the reading from chapter 12 by Simon and Jones titled, “Analyzing Product Advertising,” it talks about the eras of communication we have gone through and the one in which are currently, “hypercommunication.” This hypercommunication refers to the constant bombardment of ads a normal human must go through on a daily basis. The media is so over saturated with content from companies trying to push their product that the advertisements must be creatively constructed so that it will not only get to the target audience but will be seen and attended to by the viewers (420).  According to Simon and Jones, in this era of communication advertisers are using similar tactics in order to capture the target audiences’ attention.  These tactics are that being described as “misdirection of language” and in this Apple ad they are using the “trivially true” claim (431). The ad makes the claim that “more photos are taken with an iPhone than any other camera.” I consider this to be trivially true because the iPhone is a very popular phone and most people with camera phones will take pictures with their phone versus a second stand-alone camera for the convenience of using one piece of technology. So yes, everyday someone is taking a picture with an Apple iPhone, but that quality would not hold up to a new DLSR camera that is similar in price to the phone itself. Apple is almost making an “everyone-else-is-doing-it-so-should-you” argument, but making claims about the amount of photos taken, where as the ad would be more effective if Apple could make an argument for the quality and ease of use of the device.

Overall I feel this ad is not as effective as it could have been. Since I see myself as the targeted demographic of this ad, I would want to hear more about what makes the iPhone camera worth dedicating an entire ad to it. By telling me that it is used every day to take pictures, Apple is telling me something I already knew, and this is not effective as an advertisement.  With all this being said, Apple could have turned this ad around right at the end by saying that the entire commercial was shot using an iPhone. This would increase the ad’s persuasiveness because as the viewer I could see high definition video captured by the iPhone, but in this ad that is not the case. Better luck next time Apple.


– Phill Taner

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