Going Out—The Stir by Match.com

For the last message evaluation I have chosen an advertisement by match.com about a new product they have called The Stir—by match.com.  This is a new concept to their online dating site, which helps bring singles together.  Match.com is a popular online dating site that matches singles in specific areas together as potential partners.  The Stir is a new concept developed my match.com within the last year.  The Stir is live events that singles can go out and enjoy with other singles in their area.  These events very from bowling to cooking classes as well as dance lessons and many other live events.  The Stir is taking online dating offline and making it more enjoyable for singles to meet one another in cities all over the country. 

The audience that this advertisement is geared toward is singles who are interested in going out and meeting new people, rather than just meeting new people online.  I have chosen to apply this advertisement to the VALS system.  The VALS system is composed of eight categories, which is based on personality traits that influence the behavior of individuals in the marketplace and the amount of resources they have to spend.  These categories include:  innovators, thinkers, believers, achievers, strivers, experiencers, makers, and survivors.  This particular advertisement falls into the experiencer’s category.  Experiencer’s are consumers of the high-resource group and they are motivated by self-expression.  The experiencer’s are the youngest of all and they have an average age of 25.  Individuals of the experiencers category have a lot of energy, therefore they enjoy physical exercise as well as social activities.  Experiences are avid consumers and like to spend majority of their money on clothes, fast food, music and other youthful favorites, with a specific emphasis on products and services. 

 I believe that this advertisement is very compelling to the audience being targeted.  This commercial shows individuals of the experiencers category that being single and meeting new people is fun an exciting.  The Stir creates an environment that makes singles want to get out and meet one another, and they make it easy for people to meet at their live events.  There are several different live events to market towards all types of people.  Some of these live events include: bowling, dance class, happy hour, mixology classes, cooking classes, billiards, wine tasting, and sushi.  This markets to all types of people, which makes it easy to find a stir event that suits everyone. 

 This advertisement appeals to the experiencers because it is an example of young people with a lot of energy getting out and experiencing social activities.  Due to the nature of this advertisement being singles meeting new people and dating, the audience or experiencers are avid consumers.  Experiencers feel an importance to spend money on youthful favorites such as new products and services.  This is why young individuals partake in online dating sites like match.com.  Online dating has become vastly popular in recent years, and has been proven to work for several couples.  Therefore, this gives experiencers reassurance to partake in new products and services like match.com’s Stir live events.  

 I believe that this advertisement created by match.com about The Stir, which brings singles together through real life live events and makes dating fun and simple, is very completing to its audience.  The audience is defined through one of the eight categories of the VALS system as the experiencers.  The VALS system was created based on personality traits that influence the behavior of individuals in the marketplace and the amount of resources they have to spend.  The experiencers due to their high-resource group have created the ability for The Stir to exist and be popular among single people all over the country. 

 This advertisement is persuasive in several ways.  In recent years it has become a fact that online dating is growing and becoming very successful for several couples all over the world.  There are a number of online dating sites popping up and becoming vastly popular among singles.  With numerous online dating sites competing with one another, match.com broadened their markets by developing The Stir.  The Stir opened new avenues for match.com to capitalize on.  The Stir will bring in more clientele to match.com than other competing online dating sites due to these live events.  Experiencers are members of a high-resource group, and a willing to spend money on new products and services.  Experiencers interested in online dating will be more compelled to spend money on an online dating account such as match.com that puts together live events for free and gives singles the opportunity to meet other singles in the area, without the pressure of a one on one date.  The experiencers get to meet others who are interested in the same social activities.  The Stir is a persuasive tool that influences young single individuals to join match.com and find their soul mate.  The Stir takes online dating offline. 

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