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Safe Auto Norm McDonald -

                                  Having insurance for the important things that helps the average person get through the day is a total must , especially if you own a car . Auto car insurance companies like SafeAuto have made remunerable commercials promoting minimum coverage through the style of Anti-Ads.  In Safe Autos commercial, Norm McDoanld Differences, Self-Parody is the style to promote car insurance .This year, Safe Auto , has become new and improved as well as bringing in a fresh face to adversities state minimum coverage by hiring Norm McDonald.

                                  For years , SafeAuto has had so many innovative ways to advertise auto car insurance to the public. Safe Auto car insurance offers affordable car insurance that meets your states minimum coverage. In any state you can receive car insurance at a low minimum which makes it easier for you to afford.  In February 2013, SafeAuto came up with a new saucy way to advertise how Safe Auto has changed the way on auto car insurance by hiring “Official National Spokesman “ Norm McDonald. Norm McDonald is a retired stand-up Comedian and now speaks for Safe Auto jokingly advertising that “Safe Auto Keeps you Legal for Less.” With SafeAuto choosing McDonald as the National Spokesman, was a clever choice for the audience that these commercials are directed towards. McDoanld brings a sarcastic, monotone style which makes him perfect for the “Comic relief” in a serious matter such as car insurance. Almost everyone owns a vehicle and no matter which state you may reside in you need insurance. The audience intended for these commercials are very broad and unpredictable.  And choosing Norm was a perfect match for an unpredictable audience.

                                  SafeAuto commercials are scarcaticly blunt and down to the point, with chuckle to leave you pondering “How much would my state minimum be and did he just say that?” Norm concentrates on amusing the audience on how Safe Autos nonchalant advertising follows. In SafeAutos, Norm McDonald –Different commercial, the Anti-Ad used is Self-Parody Ads. “The object of attention is the supposed spokesman for the company who distorts the traditional role for the comic relief “(Simons and Jones, pg. 427) In the commercial Norm comes out and introduces that Safe Auto is new and improved and as  hired a new national spokesman. As he continues to introduce the new spokesman, he realizes that he is the new spokesman! He pauses with a confused face and says “I thought that I was the comic relief, huh?” He jumps to follow through with the announcement of a new Safe Auto and encourages car owners to get state minimum coverage with SafeAuto. Norm closes out the ad  and panicly states  “While I review my contract!” The commercial ends with Norm hastily searching through a table full of papers  expressing his confusion. “Where does it say ‘Spokesman’?”  In the Analyzing Product Advertising, it explains that the spokesman will do or say anything that the company would not do like be openly sarcastic about the product being sold. “The Self-Parody works because it makes use of the peripheral rather than the central route to persuasion.” , explained by professor Rod Martin.  The reading explains that it can be difficult to make a logical and rational argument for certain products. Advertisers have to “evoke positive association with the product in the minds of the viewers without encouraging them to think too much about the product.”  This basically means that when making a commercial that not only sales the product but also has to  find a way to draw in consumers in an entertaining manner. In SafeAutos Hollywood with Norm McDonald, Norm explains openly that even though Safe Auto hired him to speak for their company , “ Don’t think for one minute that they have gone all Hollywood on you.” Meaning that they still stand by the fact that we are for the average car owner and they do not have to have a famous actor speak for them. Even though Norm was once a known comedian, he is just as good as any other celebrity. And this follows into SafeAuto, it does not matter which you live in, you still can receive affordable car insurance. This is a great grab for the audience .

                                  The audience find Self-Parody rememerbale for the fact that they are “creative” . These commercials find a way to keep our attention and pulls the audience into possibly buying the product.  The reading explains that we must employ to understand the message and that they are interesting as well as funny. The advertising marketer’s effort to draw in the audience’s attention. And for the fact that we acknowledge the humor in each ad and that the audience can reply with simple laugh, is the whole goal for advertisers to keep their persuave approach to their audience and still find keep them amused.

Cicelle Beemon

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