Work Trip

For my final message evaluation, I have chosen a commercial from Samsung that is very funny. The product for this commercial is the Samsung Galaxy S3. The commercial uses humor and self-parody’s itself. Samsung is obviously trying to sell their phone and showing the features it can do like wireless data sharing. The commercial starts off with a husband leaving on a work trip and he is saying goodbye to his family while he is departing for his trip. The audience is in this commercial I think are slightly broad. The audiences are people that are looking to stay connected to family and friends while away and it is also showing a new feature of wireless data transfer that is exclusive just to that phone; I think it is safe to say that even the early to mid-20 year olds are also a underlying audience in terms of the new unique feature that is exclusive to this phone and also the sexualized message is a great attention grabber.

In this commercial Samsung advertises their phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3. The characters depicted in this commercial are of a family and the husband leaving on a trip. It starts off with a husband, his wife, and their two daughters walking out to a waiting taxi in front of their house. The daughters are the first to say goodbye and that they have left a video for him to look at on his trip when he misses them or wants to be reminded of his family back home. The husband then enters the taxi and the wife says that she also made him a video and they touch phones to enable the wireless data transfer of this video. “That is sweet.” the husband says smiling and the wife replies, “You probably shouldn’t watch it on the plane.” The husband has a dumbfounded look and a few thoughts of excitement, he was not the only one with a dumbfounded look; I also was because I am very happy for this couple to be keeping their marriage so fresh, especially after two children you just do not see that to often these days.  The commercial then flashes “The next big thing is here” and the scene closes with the taxi driving off.

This advertisement is an ‘anti-ad’ and more specifically a ‘self-parody’. According to the text a self-parody ad is where the object of attention is the supposed spokesperson for the company who distorts the traditional role for comic relief.  In class we presented the readings different types of advertisements. My group and I had the self-parody ad and went with a non-traditional way of advertising and laced it with a very heavy comical dialogue, which the text clearly stats is part of a self-parody ad. The ad starts with his daughter saying they made him a video, which is cute and sweet. Then his wife tells him she made a video for him and again we are thinking of how sweet that is, even the husband acknowledges how sweet it is; she then says, “You probably shouldn’t watch it on the plane.” Well this escalated quickly, but you see how the traditional role is reversed into creating a provocative ad that also happens to be humorous as well. The phrase, ‘sex sells’ does ring true in this ad but not in the traditional sense. They use humor but sexualize it to make it capture your attention and bring into focus on the commercial. The commercial then ends with words in the middle of the screen saying, “The next big thing is here.” They are doing the exact same thing here grabbing your attention with the sexualized message they just presented you with but also saying that there new product is capable of bigger and better things.

I think this ad was successful in persuading some people, not only with the commercial but also with the new technology that the phone does have. This commercial was effective and Samsung even made a replica of it featuring Mr. and Mrs. Claus, so wrap your head around that for a second. The average viewer would find the commercial intriguing not only for the sexualized message that was implied but also because the Samsung Galaxy S3 was a hugely anticipated new phone. This commercial was a very I would not say classic but very clearly a self-parody ad. This commercial does have the potential to offend some customers with the sexualized message and it does not focus on the phones features very much, it just shows one of its many new features.

In the end I feel the commercial was successful and was aimed towards a broad yet defined audience. It was a highly anticipated phone, this commercial was specifically just trying to gain more interest and pay attention to their new product. It is a clear depiction of a self-parody ad by advertising its new feature, yet being humorous in a way that many people could have a good chuckle to. This commercial serves as a very effective advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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